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There is a snake in my boot! And it's wearing glasses!


On april fool´s day · 11:29pm Apr 1st, 2016

Hi there! my April fools day joke is making you think I'm not dead!

nah but seriously.
I'm going to rant a bit, Just for kicks.
Also to see every single one of my followers (the five of 'em) go "Who the hell is this guy?"

Today april the first, is an interesting day. From My perspective at least.

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Thanks for the fav on My Life as an Eldritch Horror! :D

Thank you for the fave on Dense as Diamonds. Please enjoy your purple marshmallow fluff. :raritywink::twilightblush:

Thank you for faving Of Heaven and Earth.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for favoring my story, Twilight's World.
BTW, nice user pic! I can just see Vash's extreme personality scaring the stuffings out of Fluttershy. At least in the beginning...

2344111 yes, I am enjoying it indeed. Thanks for writing!

  • Viewing 74 - 78 of 78
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