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Been writing since high school. It's rare for a fandom to inspire fiction in me, and MLP:FiM has done so. So, here I am.


EDIT: Title changed to avoid confusion with the far more popular human derpy/dinky story.

One night I fell asleep in my bed, had another pony-based dream session, and got up ready to begin my day. Imagine my surprise when I exited my room and instead of finding the rest of my small apartment, I found the vast expanse of Ponyville. Lucky me, right? Not really when you're addicted to things that don't exist in this world and you have enough issues to make Twilight's little friendship problem look like a day at the fair.

Yes, I'm doing a HiE story. Yes I am shipping myself with a pony eventually. I felt like it. I'm going to try not to make myself a central aspect of their lives but if I don't do occasional cool things, the story will be too boring. Just keep on reading. No I'm not going to write any clop.

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the end of the description:rainbowlaugh: All right I'll give it a shot

Good start. I'll keep an eye on this one...

Curiouser and curiouser, instantly tapped into water and sewage, and complete with siding and a roof!
I've thought up similar "missing room" scenarios for RPs in other worlds, but this is the first story of this scenario I've read by somepony else. The insta-house is a heck of an idea. :pinkiehappy:
Most of my RPs in this vein have had a room/apartment cut out of the larger structure, with all the suporting wall joists present save the outer 1/4 of their thickness, just the inside shell of a room with bare studs and joists outside to shock the locals and the sole inhabitant when the poor soul steps outside. :rainbowlaugh:
I cant wait to see Twi tackling the mystery of how and why the insta-house is there, much less with someONE who knows way too much about them! :twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

Yeah... We still need more

im going to say that every chapter because its true, this is the best HiE fic i have ever seen and it isent even finished yet.

That... is shocking and flattering to hear. I wasn't expecting such a warm reaction honestly.

I love this fic! I like that certain issues are in this fic that I've never seen in any other. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

I love this fic! I like that certain issues are in this fic that I've never seen in any other. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

1326727 i feel obliged to reply to you back so

me:heart:this fic

First! Sorry couldn't resist need to know do you your self have these problems?

..... Ok, gonna be totally honest with you. The sex change part was slightly.... disturbing. Not gonna lie.


I get that a lot, being trans is still a big "Holy wait what?" in society eyes. Less so in Equestria because, hey, magic!

1326878 Sorry, I don't mean to offend you. I just felt like I should throw that out there.

Yes, I do. I basically threw myself into Equestria with all my issues and I'm trying to handle it like I would, not like some fantasy me would... though thing's'll change soon. One doesn't meet a goddess without being changed by the experience.

I must say you've given my confidence a boost on the decision to post my fic sooner than later. :twilightsmile:
I've only heard of FIMfiction recently so its been a busy month or so of reading, and realizing from all the HiE tales here that my tale that's been WIP for a year is not too strange or unwelcome for coming from a furryfan's perspective (particularly that of a therianthrope). -Something I have not seen here yet.
Thank you for presenting such a great tale for everypony to read. :pinkiehappy:

"All shall love me and DISPARE!" :trollestia:

Yeah... We still still need more

1328406 1329722

SO, uh, WOOPS :twilightsheepish: I hit 'publish' instead of 'edit' last night... then it 502'd on me. The chapter ain't nowhere near done, so I unpublished until it's finished.

1327059 hum well that means it'll ever be Pinkie or Celestia

Heh. Shame she remembered. I was hoping to see Rarity get bits taped to her flank. *LOL*

Dear Princess Celestia,

Fuck writing for Zecora

Your faithful student,
Starshine Dash

Good, not quite the type I usually read but I'm looking forward to more.

1351782 ok, that made me laugh, and you know my usual comment

No offense, but I find this story rather unrelatable after learning about the protagonists gender confusion. For what it's worth, I found it to be a very well written story, just... Not my cup of tea.

Loving the story so far! :pinkiehappy:

........ You know, I heard that this show changed people.... but I never expected this. Good for you. We will be rooting for you in your endevors.

I thought I smelled shipping in the air.... You realize if you make one mistake with this romance, the trolls are gonna have a field day, right?

Oh yeah, by the way, did he just leave the house with the fire going? Im guessing he has some sort of spell set up preventing it from catching anything on fire.

1459990 Im not sure... I just know that I've read enough fanfics to spot a forced romance, and anything that just doesn't fit. So far this one is good. Needs more development, but good.

"Article 17.N.3 of Equestrian Civil Code states that all fireplaces installed in private homes must have a level three heat, ash, and flame shielding enchantment placed on them so that the fire cannot escape the hearth itself. This has lowered accidental fires by 88% since it's introduction and comes standard with all fireplace installations!" :twilightblush:

Ah, well, I try and let things develop naturally and there's a whole pandora's box of issues that were dealt with between my last chapter and this one that... won't be posted for a variety of reasons.

Where's the romance tag? If you're going to do shipping stuff


Just forgot to add it after I posted the chapter. It's there now.

Suddenly . . . SPIRITS :pinkiegasp:

A new chapter to one of my favorite fanfics ever, i am pleased:pinkiehappy:

Your concept of a 'bow' sounds more like prostration to me.

Also, what is it with these HiE stories that give the human unicorn powers? It's getting to be a recurring theme.


They're not unicorn powers, you'll see in a few chapters if you keep reading.

Suddenly supernaturals.... lol
Meh idc about ghosts, ghouls, and spirits but alternate plains and the whole spiritual stuff and powers are kinda silly. It would make more sense if you just sensed it near like another life form type thing. Also, Invisble shit is stupid in my opinion. It's not fair and totally annoying. I mean how the heck do you fight something like that apart from wiggle your fingers and speak in voodoo. That's never solved anything and it makes for a very boring fight.

woot i juat finished a re'read and i see a new one my night is complet now sleep.

cant wait for more...well i can but i jsut want more :pinkiehappy:

I felt it was going to be a boring slog... cause that's what it felt like writing it...

*bows* great read so far. Thanks for the great work, and I cant wait for you to hit season 2. :pinkiehappy:

.If copper and stainless steel is hard to come by (ch.1), a bit of aluminium (real hard to produce.. considering the tech level of ponies) would be worth a small house, by this logic.
Or a basic alarm clock or calculator would be worth a penthouse, just for the miniaturized yet somewhat "basic" electronic components inside. Cellphone? Massive fortune. Modern computer? Worth all the bits on the friggin' planet, ten times over. Probably.

As for the fic.. well, frankly, i don't like it. Not my cup of tea. The main char is too.. perfect (flaws are too quickly removed as the chapters go). Hard to relate. Most problems he (she) face at any moment are solved within the next few lines.. no conflict or obstacle last so everything feel too easy. And his/her actions/reactions lack passion/consequences, imho.

You picked a good time to start this story, by the time s2 is done. S3 would be out

'Spoilers, sweetie" is it bad i read that in rivers voice? or have i just been watching to much of the doc?

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