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In weirdest day, in strangest night, no bad mood shall escape my sight, let those who cry in lonely spite, beware my shippings, Bronyparasite's might!

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Crusade · 12:18am September 11th

I need you guys to give my friend and I support on a project of ours. We'll be updating it soon, and hopefully consistently. It's a Displaced war, but on a smaller scale. We've used the mistakes of the past to help us make this one truly special. It's mainly Warhammer 40k, but you don't need to know anything to follow along. I know I don't.


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I'm not sure if you still don't know about how to PM, but I'll tell you anyways: when you're on the page from the user you want to send a PM to, explore until you see a button with an envelope, which says Mail. Then, you can write whatever you want and send it to the other person.

Dont know how to pm

Oh so tgat what it means

So what does PM mean

  • Viewing 292 - 296 of 296
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