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We as a group love humans that have, or will be transformed into ponies. Though the name might be slightly confusing there is not much I can do. Well yes, but that's not the point.

Anyway, welcome! Any and all are welcome! You can talk here, post your ponified or HiE stories where the human is ponified. These stories and more are welcome. We don't take stories that involve human beings in Equestria, though if the human turns into a pony or has a pony that is not of the mane six then I will make a exception... maybe.

Follow da rules below and we shall get along:

1. Don't post stories with human-humans in Equestria. (You will be shunned.)

2. Post ponified, or human-pony stories. (Any genre and category are welcome!)

3. Be kind to others in the group. (Or you will be shunned.)

4. Most importantly, have fun writing your story! ( Remember no idea is too stupid! Well... that's not true, but most ideas aren't... yeah.)

If you feel like you want to join then okay!

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You might switch the two words in the name. Possibly add an arrow.
Humans -> Ponys

Late to the party, but finally made it!

I have a few stories, looking as if they may fair well here.
That'd all deopend on the exact definitions, I guess, but still.

331398 I'm so already there.

HI y'all! How am I doing with my story? In case you're wondering, I've barely started. There's a lot more to come! :pinkiehappy:

Humans getting turned into ponies? Count me in.

Ummm would a story where a pregnant woman get's ponyfied for 1 hour and gives birth withen that hour [And now she has a filly for a Newborn baby:rainbowwild: [Be allowed here or no?]


I'm so sorry for not answering everyone! I rarely come back to this group, and with all the other groups I'm in activity what goes on here sneaks past me. But, I'll be sure to stick around a lot more, and answer questions any of you have.

Now, EVERCOOL that works. Feel free to post it. Also, sorry for the rather late reply. :twilightsheepish:

- Noakwolf

Hey, I got a quick question? In my story my OC is a human that can "Transfrom!"; so to speak, into a pony and back at will. And I want to know if that's alright with all of you.
I will abide by your rules of course, but I DON'T want to be shunned.

*looks both ways*



*crossses the street*

I'm there!

Woot! Finally a one-stop shop for ponification! :pinkiehappy:

I call first comment!

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