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Leaving the Fandom, and Other Thoughts/The Future

Here I have three different recordings discussing different topics. Some of which, as you might have gathered from the title, are: me leaving the fandom, other thoughts/what the future holds.

I felt that direct recording would be more personal than simply writing a long blog post. That just didn't sit well with me. So, I've made three recordings. All of which can be found below:

Future Plans & Projects (Leaving the Fandom)

Final Thoughts on Fallout Equestria: Brotherhood

(The last is not meant for the rest of you, though there is certainly nothing stoping you from doing so. The title should be self-explanatory.)

A Thank You to Kkat

Where to Follow Me

Since I left the fandom a long time ago, but you're still wanting to follow me, here's my twitter handle for anyone interested.


This is Blog. · 2:36am February 2nd

I briefly stopped by this old account of mine to see what was going on in the Fimfic-verse. Dang, there's still traffic on some of my old stories? My old, old stories... huh... neato.

Anyway, like a groundhog to the desert surface, I'm dipping out. Just checking out how life is here on the website.

But my stories still get traffic? Woah.

-- Noakwolf

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I figured that they'd disappear after some time, though I wasn't sure when. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it! =)

Your recordings are gone.


It's wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Thanks for favoriting Blackadder of Equestria!

well, not the first chapter:trollestia:

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