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Risen from the Dead! · 4:43pm Feb 12th, 2019

GOOD NEWS, everyone! All 31 of you that are still "here"... Thanks for waiting--though I'm not publishing anything yet! All in time...

So it's been a few years. I tried learning to code, flopped and got all depressed and realized something: I've always been good at writing, and been fascinated with narrative fiction, so... I've learned and grown a lot in the past few weeks. I've realized who I truly am, what I can really do, and how much I am capable of learning...

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Always glad to see another watcher! I recognize your avatar, and I'm assuming you liked something I did at PonyFest 2.0. :3


Hue. That's right, she's a cool dude.

...I mean

*Just saw your comment on Kyra Draw's latest video*


Ha, thank you. I'll be sure to if I come up with any. :pinkiecrazy:

Welcome to the Fallout: Equestria Group! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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