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Fiddles is best pony!!!!!!!

If you disagree, you haven't heard her play!

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Yeah, that's right. First Instrument had better get added. That was a good one.

322648 okay. now go on and do whatever you were going to do with that body

I didn't try to put them ou- :pinkiecrazy:yes

322643 and remember when you tried to put the fires out and ended up making them worse?

Ah, it was glorio- it was bad... :pinkiecrazy:

322640 Lillith, you can't lie to a changeling. I said to stay away from those guys. remember last time?

322636 Lillith, have you been talking to the lords of Darkness again?


322636:rainbowkiss:Bye dead Fiddles--wait,that's not a good thing... Let me help you with that fake,Lilith!

*continues dragging body* :pinkiecrazy:

(Oh, and join my new group: Lilith911's "Special" House)

322376>>322379Lolz! You no can handle cats! Don't worry, I got this:rainbowdetermined2:

*the kitten pounces at me, I move out of the way and quickly pin its head to the ground with little effort.I force the weapons off it,then throw it aside with a big hand full of cat-nip*

Taken care of:moustache:

Time to preheat the oven :pinkiecrazy:

322371 :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiecrazy: Awww wook at the cute wittle kitt- *STAB* *falls over dead*

322361 coming from you it will most likely either be

A: Tossed in a blender aftermath pic

B: Run over road kill

C: Grumpy cat (Cause who doesnt lik Grumpy kittys)

D: Other (some satanic demon spawn)

or it could be just a regular kitty pic :3 :trixieshiftright:

Want a cute picture of a kitten? :pinkiecrazy:

322352 its the only weapon that can counter your scary:pinkiecrazy:

epic...cute face:raritystarry::rainbowkiss::trollestia:

  • Viewing 60 - 79 of 79