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Uncommon Bond Review · 7:19pm Saturday

Starlight can be a silly pony

yey. Vinyl


Ponyville is antique central AND the chaos capital of Equestria? Not bad for a little town

*theme song*

let me guess, the plot is her seeing that Sunburst has a lot in common with Twilight and friends and then worrying if she's really friends with Sunburst.

Yay Earth Ponies doing stuff with no help from other races. Also do we get more info on the Mighty Helm? no? okay.

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Yep. And it seems I called it in a discussion I had with someone. Scootaloo not getting the support she needs/wants DOESN'T mean that she is abused or neglected.

Yes, someone legitimately thought that mlp would actually have a child character be put through full on abuse. :ajbemused: Sometimes this fandom annoys me.

2516429 now see, THERE'S some new information! thanks :twilightsmile:

Well it only gives a blood relation to one of them, so lesbian is most likely. Especially since the writer confirmed it online.

2516330 noticed.

now to decide whether lesbians or sisters

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