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Hi!!! :D

Oh! Right! I remember now.
But no I haven't read the fan fic yet.
I know Nyx came from Past Sins though.


I follow that Tumblr, too.
Though it should be renamed "Twixie-family-the-rest-of-Ponyville-and-characters-from-popular-fanfiction-answer-just-wait-until-we-somehow-introduce-Fallout:Equestria" :derpytongue2:

(Note that I never read F:E, Past Sins or Out In The Cold, so everything I post about it is to be considered unconstructive sillyness by default :pinkiesmile:)

Did you read "Out in the Cold"?
If you want to know how I know Nyx, you should check this tumblr out

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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