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A group for everypony who are fans of the fic Red Thrush Private School. Stories that are spiritual successors, or retellings, or dare I say, knock offs are allowed here. Feel free to comment or post!
as of now the original description is no longer in effect this group will also house whatever stories I see fit to add. if you have a problem with that, GET OVER IT. it's my group and I'll do what I please!

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I know a better song:


I fucking LOVE AC/DC.

And the crowd goes wild!



If anyone wants it, I have a full copy of Red Thrush and the chapters that were uploaded of Getting You Home on a GDocs HERE

Hey hey, look at who I got in here.

That's right, Azurini is here because I can't keep my damn mouth shut!:pinkiehappy:

324387 Not any more. it was removed because the original fic, was all human, and didn't have really any thing to do with MLP save for the character's names being those of the MLP characters, and their personalities for the most part being the same. but that was it. it wasn't enough for them to warrent publishing any new chapters of it, it would be put on the site, but, they (Subscribers/those who favorited it) wouldn't be notified if a new chapter was posted. so, eventually Azurini just took it down completely, another user, named OnederMan posted it on Google Drive/Gdocs, that's the link in my previous comment here, click that to find the fic.

I don't know what red thrush private school really is. Is it on fimfiction?

Well, for anypony who joins, and loved the original Red Thrush Private School story, and it's sequal Getting You Home Here's the Fic on Google Drive/GDocs for you all to enjoy!

First comment is best pony.

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