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Who else loved the new Breezy design? [WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS · 4:12pm Mar 1st, 2014

In previous generations, Breezies were simply tiny Ponies with antenna and tiny dragonfly-esque wings:

But now look at the new design:

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Wow. Quite a few oldies on my oldest stories that are still around. Surprising.

I honestly thought the sticky on the forum was clear on that. I may have to re-evaluate it later then.

Ok cool thanks for clearing that up for me.

You can post stories, yes, but the story or stories in question has to have been inspired by the ideas shared on the forum.

You are welcome I am curious though can you post stories to this group or is it just for ideas and nothing more than that?

  • Viewing 79 - 83 of 83
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