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[Group closed for now. Will be open in a few weeks. As I set up the starting canon fics along with Canon Colaborator:]

This group is dedicated to the Forbidden Love Universe. Kickstarted by the fic Torch of Forbidden Love [in development]. This is a universe were forbidden love and the lives it touches are strong. This group is open to all authors and there are only a few rules for posting.

1) Foalcon and or Incest, must be consensual.

2) Try to keep it development-centric. Sure there can be lots of clop in the fic, but try to build up the ship and focus it more on the relationships than the sex starting up. This AU is Clop with Plot.

3) No Rape, Torture, or Mindcontrol (for anyone but the villians when they pop up.), these fics are mostly Romance, and SoL / Adventure / Comedy Tags. Very few canon fics will have Dark Tags, and no gore.

4) Post fics in the "Undecided" category. You'll be known whether it ends up main canon, side continuity, or labeled as a misc. fics section. When contest come up, the Contest Folder can be filled with whatever fic you wrote for that contest.


5) Make sure you take a peak at the [world building so far] thread.


Important Threads:

World Building So Far: This thread has the past of the AU before S1E1 of MLP:FIM. And how it differs from ManeVerse. Can be updated if new stuff comes up.

Canon Timeline Season 1: Shows the current Canon Timeline. With associated side-continuity fics. S1 of FLverse is early-mid S4 of MLP:FIM.

List of Canonships: This is current and future canon ships. As well as any changes to their relationships, canon children they give birth too, and if that ship is monogamous [two ponies]; trinogamous [three ponies];a herd [4 or more]; Or transient [a group of any number of ponies who are in a relationship with multiple ponies, or herds. But move from one group to another in a stable relationship of sorts].

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Important Update!!!

Fic: Torch of Forbidden Love finished. 13 out of 20

Which I'm getting done at about 1-3 chapters a day. This update will be updated to show percentage of story completed.

Rubies in my Punch: How Berry Punch and Ruby Pinch got together. Fic ends just after the ending of Chapter 19 of ToFL.

[10~% done]

Spreading Wings, and Opening Hearts [SWaOH]: ScootaDashAdoption fic. Follows Dash's and Scootaloo's realtionship that was formed in ToFL, through their eyes.

[0.5% complete [got a major convo created a few days ago].


Teacher's Drake: SpikeiLee ship created in ToFL with help of Derpy's powers. Will be following their light hearted, fluffy, romance.

[0%] [Non-clop].

Rich Diamonds: Deets and FR ship. Is super adorable clop. Shows a new side of Deets that a lot of ponies don't get to see.


Sunny Aura Pie: Pinkie Pie Aura ship that evolves into Celestia's fledgling herd later on. [I'm actually leaving this fic open to whoever wants to give it a shot.]


Silver Notes: A SilverVinylTavi fic. I'll also leave this open to whoever wants to give it a shot. If nopony takes those, then I'll make them before S1 Part 2 officially starts.


Sweet Horn, Sexy Horn [SH2]: LTB [Lyra X Tootsie Flute X Bonbon]. This is something that I think is going to be a rather cute little ship fic.


These are all planned fics. And will eventually be coming out. I'm going to make at least two or three ship fics before opening this group officially. I am so excited to be starting this group up, and I hope y'all enjoy the ride.

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