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Pre-History: Events that happened before Equestria formed. As well as some tidbits on things that happened before S1 happened.

Big Bads: Current list of Big Bads, and how the differ from M!Verse.

Races: Races of non-ponies, or rare species of ponies that don't get much mention.

Tech / Economy:Tech limit so far, as well as basic economics and Stores named in Canon.

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5,000 yrs before S1 of FLVerse:

Alicorns were just another pony race like the main 3, but bred slowly and were in a manner of speaking physical deities. From the ages of 0 - 12 they aged as mortals, from 12 - 21 they aged at 1 year for them per pony generation, and stopped aging at 22. They went into Estrus once every 5 pony generations, and helped the primitive ponies for a hundred generations.

Then the Rainbow of Light and Darkness fell to the planet from another plane of existence. Born from the death of two ancient elder gods of harmony and desire. The rainbow of light was bound within a locket by Starswirl the Bearded, who was given it by his futureself. The rainbow of darkness was bound by a bag by the dark god Tirek.

4,950 yrs before S1:

Tirek twists the greed of humans to grant their desire for power and immortality to become the very first dragons. The phrase, Making a deal with Tirek; Tirek's Advocate; and Be careful what you wish for. Come into being. The Tirek War begins.

4,650 yrs before S1:

War ends when Starswirls Box is found by a group of Alicorns with a note to use it when the time is right. The 300 yrs of war had created Ghastly Gorge, the Bad Lands, and turned what was once a lush forest into a barren dessert that spread from one side of Everfree Forest, to modern Appleoosa.

Almost decimated the Flutterponies, and killed many Alicorns. Rainbow of Light is released. It's light strips Tirek of the magic he ate, but not the souls he stole. Imprisoned him in Tartarus. The Rainbow of Darkness went into 4 beings, Tirek boosting his dark magical prowess. Creating Discord which represented Chaos, imagination, and it's reality warping powers. Nightmare, a symbiotic spirit that in return for a physical host would grant the users desires for good or ill. Takes the blame for it's use as its host uses it's power to fulfill their darkest wants.

And it created the Changelings, corrupting and transforming a group of Flutterponies who were close to dying off from the fall out of the Tirek War. While it split into those forms. The rainbow of light remained coherant and formed the Tree as well as the Element's of Harmony. Taking the box it was held in as part of the tree for future use.

Most alicorns leave the world leaving only 4 behind. Celestia, Luna, Fleur De Lis, and The Mare of Many Names [Derpy]. FDL and Derpy being cousins to Tia and Luna.

2,000 yrs ago:

FDL and Derpy go amongst the ponies as normal ponies. Choosing not to rule others, or be burdened with rule, but rather shaping the world from the sidelines. Occasionally help Tia and Luna when they're needed.

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Big Bads:

Tirek: A Centaur bodied dark god. Gains power from eating magic, taking offered souls, ritual sacrifices, and incubus based, tantric feeding feeding. The more he steals from others, the more powerful he becomes. Only the Elements of Harmony can defeat him, or Two of the four those born of the Rainbow of Darkness.

Changelings: They have 5 evolution with both shared and unique powers.

Stage 1: Drones are connected to the hive mind, and are born into a caste system with powers and abilities geared to that caste. Similar to how unicorns magic is geared to their special talent.

They do have male and females, they do have a personality separate from the hive, although the hive makes everything easier and they are dependent on it. Most changelings cut from the hive die instantly.

Drones do have sex with other drones and give birth to changelings, but only in their caste system. If they have sex with a pony outside their caste then both caste genes have a chance in showing up in future generations. Low probability of Evolving [DroneXDrone children].

Proto-Queen / King: Happens when a drone develops more individuality, and gathers large amounts of love energy. Forms a cocoon and one month later hatches as a Proto. They have slitted eyes, and limited control over the hive as a whole. Are no longer bound to castes, and have a weak version of all caste magics. Original caste still strongest.

Queen / King: Fully separates themselves from the hive, having gained enough power, and gains control over part of a hive. Grows into their Queen/King form. The Collective gains control over them as they have control over the hive. Queens don't lay massive clutches of eggs constantly. Only when impregnated do they lay a cluster of 6 eggs per drones 1. Queens have a moderate chance of birthing a Proto-Queen and making more hives with their progeny. But only a 5% chance compaired to a drone's .05%

The Collective: A gestalt being formed from the Queens and Kings of many hives that get drawn to one spot and form a chrysalis. This chrysalis binds the minds and magics together while slowly fusing their bodies into one massive entity. Can't control other Collectives, but gains control over all hives in their reach.

Skulfling: A portmanteau of Skulldruggery, Theif, and Changeling. This is a legendarily rare Changeling who gathers the Rainbow of Darkness within the Collective, and rises to be the sole ruling personality of it, raising from the Collective mound. They have two forms; Resting, where they look like an ordinary Changeling King / Queen; and Ascended, where show their true forms. Are twice the size of a Queen / King, covered in exoskeleton like armor that is different for each Skulfling, with magical fiery energy that swirls around them [aesthetic]. Basically think Super Sayjin Changeling mixed with a bit of [url=[Adjuchas from Bleach

All non-Collective Changelings have the following powers:

- Full Body transformation [Collectors better than other castes].

- Venom [removes inhibitions, and control. Fills body with euphoria and makes the mind suggestible to a changelings wants.]

- Emotion eaters: Can eat any emotion. Certain hives have certain emotions they prefer to handle.

- Iron Durability: while physically weak [non-guard caste] they have tremendous durability.


Of 6 creatures originally. Ahuizotl is the only one active so far. 3 died in the Tirek war, and Cipactli is lost in time and space when Derpy Doo banished him to a random reality.

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Moori: Bat ponies. Have great low-light and night vision. Are sensitive to bright lights so they either sleep during the day, or wear shades to cover their eyes. Are omnivores like FIMVerse ponies, but are more carnivorous than normal ponies who are more herbivorous.

Seaponies: We have them inverse. Anyone want to make a canon thing for them go ahead. Can't really think of anything, other than they're rare. Nearly endangered, and don't deal with air breathers all that much.

Zebra's: Their magic allows them to alter reality through verbal spells and potions. Are skilled martial artists, and are for the most part still distrusted among ponies do to their newness [not so in Neigh Orleans where they have large sub culture. Since Neigh Orleans is the port city where ponies and goods form Zebrica normally stop at first, it being the closest to the Zebra's homeland].

Griffons: Can breed with ponies. Offspring are called Hippogriffs. Merging the pony magic of the parent with the griffon magic of the griffon. Griffon magic is weaker than Pegasi's when it comes to air magic, but have a earth ponies ability to draw from and manipulate the earth. But is weaker than both an Earth Pony and a Pegasi [who specialize rather than generalize].

And yes, Hippogriffs get Cutie Marks, and if a unicorn had a child with a griffon it'd have a horn, and could do magic. But most Griffons and Unicorns don't find each other sexually desirable. Griffons usually finding attraction to Pegasi.

Dragons: First off Spike in this AU is foalcon. He was born about the same time as the Crusaders, and is about their relative height. Even if he is called a baby by the show's older ponies.

About Dragon Pregnancy thread I made in Clopfics. Dragons mentally age as ponies do, and reach sexual maturity as a colt does. But they age like Alicorns age. Although for a dragon, age is all about size and power. The more of a catalyst they have [their greed of choice] the older and more powerful they become at a super natural level.

What would be a greedless adult dragon in terms of age, would only be a teenage dragon in terms of dragon biology.

Dragons can impregnate a pony, but a female dragon can have the genes of multiple mates. While a male can only give his genetic material.


For the sake of convenience:

The following races can make babies with ponies:

Deities [Alicorns and Tirek].





Sub-ponies [Moori, Seapony, etc.]



All children in this AU are fertile. Or at least the normal percentage of fertility any pony child would have.

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Transportation: a mixture of Early Industrial Era for locomotion [just discovered steam power], and steam punk for flight [thanks to Pinkie Pie selling knowledge of her flying machine to transportation companies for 20% Royalty fees.]

Electricity: Done through underground cables. Is powered from converting magical energy to stable electricity.

Weapons: Civil War era. Not much use for guns other than Minotaurs and Griffons, guns are weaker than magic though if going up against a strong unicorn.

Magic-Tech: What most technology is geared to. They have 1980's electronics, and most of it is a merger of magic enchantments, or devices and technology. They don't have phones, personal computers / computer games [yet, might change if people want those], and their TV's have only a few channels.



In this AU Equestria has 5 Trillion bits , and 500 billion of that is in circulation to various households and public revenue.


Currency is a mixture of gem trading, or bits.

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