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What's the name of this fic? · 11:41pm August 16th

Celestia moves the sun a little bit closer to the earth to enjoy sunbathing. Giving Luna a sunburn. So Luna retaliates with a nightmare of her moving the moon closer to the planet drowning all life on the planet.

I think it was a dark comedy fic. But I can't seem to find it.


I found out the name. Royal Hijinx.

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Thanks ^_^. It's also my laptop's wall paper ^_^.

I just now noticed your new avatar. Love it!

Luv ur profile pic


I know. Those are only fics that I like, and am going to be re-reading ^_^. But just think. If that's my fav folder, just how many fics have I read that haven't made it in there? (It's actually more than a few ^_^.).

But yeah I do get around the site quite a bit, don't I. Anywho, thanks for leaving a comment ^_^.

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