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Thank all that's holy for Mythril Moth. · 2:45am February 3rd

For those who've never read Persona EG you should read it. It's the greatest muse in the history of muses. And one of the many reasons I love Mythril Moth as an author and creative genius.

But for the last few months I've been working on something that's an anaglamation of games I've been having rattling around my brain. And a lot of it's inspired by MM's take on Persona series, and Mana Khemia.

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Thank you ^_^, I try.

You seem funny. Have a follow!

Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against Starlight!

Fallout Equestria XD. Honestly I never really got into that AU outside of The Sweetie Belle Chronicles, by Wanderer D. But thanks for the info though :twilightsmile:.

  • Viewing 135 - 139 of 139
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