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Trixie wakes up in Twilight's bed sandwhiched between Cheerilee and Twilight. What's going on, and what did they do last night?

What happens when you mix Caramelldansen MLP style + He-Man Heyeayeah + A Tired, Sleep Deprived Mind. You get this wonderful stew of awesomeness.

PS: I'm sad that I can't find a Heyeayeah Meme image with Trixie that would be the perfect cover art.
PPS: There is no actual sex. But it's implied that it may, or maynot have actually happened.
PPPS: Drunken Cadance is funnest Cadance.

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While sitting in on parliament with fellow princesses Cadance and Twilight. Luna burst in with a news article that brings to light some rather sordid parts of Celestia's past while bringing her actions into a new light.

After looking into it, as well as some introspection. Celestia makes a choice that will change her life, and the lives around her forever. Will it lead to an end, or a new beginning?

Inspired by: Twilight Manages To Screw Up More Than Usual by, Fire Gazer the Alchemist

and a conversation in that fic with howard035.

Editor: Zurvan

I have this entire fic written, and 6 buffer chapters of this stories sequel. Until I catch up to the buffer chapter, I'll be posting two chapters a week ^_^.

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A GoldenVerse story

After his reform by none other than Discord's first true friend, Fluttershy. He's been doubting if the other Element Bearer's are his friends or not. So when the perfect opportunity came to get Twilight to finally join one of his and Fluttershy's special picnics who was he to pass it up?

Now Twilight has to deal with facing the very epitome of chaos, the very anti-thesis of her logical, structured existence. Not as a mortal enemy, but as a friend ... or go insane trying.

To catch you up on things you might not get in this AU that pop up here:

-Scootaloo was found as an Orphan by Raindrops, and durring Scootaloo's physical found out she had a block in her wings meridians.

-They were recommended by the doctor to see Twilight who has the machines to deal with that problem [Ponyville being an Earth Pony majority village, not much need of expensive tools for rare unicorn problems, and even more rare for pegasi].

-When the problem was fixed. Scootaloo turned out to be a Mage and wing / hoof cast spells chaottically as years of backed up magic expelled forth from her body.

-Discord popped into help if Twilight would finally accept the invitation to go to one of Flutters and his picnics that Twilight and the others have been avoiding.

- On the date of the picnic. Spike left for Canterlot to discover who he is as an individual. Which made Twilight loose it on the mare who she blamed for hurting Spike [whom she just figured out saw her as a mother figure].

And with that you have the gist of what's happening.
To see more, read:

Golden Wings

and / or


Editor: The always awesome kingtiger666

Coverart: From the show, couldn't find a good Discord with a tophat pic that would link to it's makers page.

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Spike reminisces on the most horrifying moment of his life, and how it turned out the be the start of the best thing in his life. Oh, and Spike becomes a bazillionaire. You heard right, he earns so much money they have to make a made up number a reality just to calculate his Gross Annual Income.

Full version of the cover art: http://thegreateater.deviantart.com/art/Spike-s-Geodes-Incorporated-534157821?ga_submit_new=10%253A1432088824

For some reason I couldn't get a full version to show through, even when I resized it to a smaller version.

Special thanks in the A/N for the Inspiration behind this fic.

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GoldenVerse Fic.

Luna has put up with Blueblood's verbal assaults, trolling, and drunken shenanigans for four years now. Celestia defending Blueblood as misunderstood suggests that Luna talk to her honorary nephew. So now as her sister goes to set things straight with Spike, Luna's new nephew. Luna herself is on a hunt for the biggest mortal troll Equestria has ever seen.

And depending on his answers to her questions might end up banished to a far distant star, or the n-th dimension. What will Blueblood say? How much damage with Luna's Royal Canterlot Voice do? Will she really be willing to fillout the paper work needed to banish ponies to planes of non-reality? Read on to find out.

The AU Bit:

Set directly after Chapter 6 of http://www.fimfiction.net/story/212009/types-of-love. You don't need to read ToL to understand what's happening. And there are no spoilers for the fic here. Nor do you really need to have read any GoldenVerse fics to know what's going on (since everything was posted above for everypony :twilightsmile:.

Editor: Kingtiger666

Art: Myself

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Alternate Title: Like Student, Like Teacher.

We all know of Twilight's legendary botching of spells that destroy cities, summon elder gods, and create logic breaking effects upon the world around her almost constantly. Of how her dancing is considered a war crime in some nations. As well the only mortal that can create more worse horrors in the kitchen and call it food is Rainbow Dash.

Yet have you ever wondered how that came to be? This is Celestia's story.

When her sister brings up the fact that while she has taught for millenia. Celestia technically hasn't participated in school herself in centuries. Luna proposes that she visits her four academies to get her hooves scholastically wet as it were. What happens next is a series of misadventures and coincidences that will shake, quite literally, the foundations of Equestria and summon forth the Cakeocalypse.

Warning: This is an Inception Satire, and at no point takes itself seriously, while having fun with itself as Cakelestia's plot pilots the fics plot :twilightsmile:., Sex tag for innuendo, implied, and colorful phrases. Enjoy.

Special Shout out to:

Vexy, the linked story sparked the seeds of inspiration of this fic. Read the follow up blog in the A/N. It's an interesting read, if you have the chance.

Talguy21 for getting me pumped about making this, and giving me the idea of twisting the Twilight does X with Celestia. With this one line.

makes me wonder what would happen if the likes of Celestia botched a spell. :twilightoops:

As well as our little back in forth in the blog-follow up to "The Darling Conundrum".

Zurvan For Editing this fic.

Cover Art: Me.

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Main Story #2 of the GoldenVerse

After her party revealing her secret that she's been keeping for five years now. Scootaloo thought things could only go up. Until Twilight unlocked Scootaloo’s secret power, a long forgotten ability that had faded into myth and flutter pony tales. Now things are about to go crazy for everypony's favorite orphan.

But with the help of two alicorns, her fellow crusaders, and some friends along the way she'll rediscover the truth about being a Cutie Mark Crusader. It's not the destination that matters, but the adventures you face along the way.

Temporary Cover Art: TheGreatEater

Editor: kingtiger666

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A GoldenVerse Sidequel, and a sequel to Strawberry Muffins. Ditzy and Holy Dash go on a group date with Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody, and afterwards think about their relationship and what direction its headed in. A short little fluff fic.

There aren't that many Holy Dash fics and fewer ship fics of those two. So here's another little bit for that rare shipping pair.

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A Lunaverse fic. In the background of Equestrias throughout the Multiverse there lays a network of ponies in charge of keeping all things timey wimey stable. As well as ensure thst the Multiverse doesn't collapse.

This mini-series follows Royal Pin, twin brotherr of Pokey Pierce, as he and the Terrific Trio work at helping Equestria behind the scenes of the timeline's most horrifying events.

This is a six part miniseries, two chapters posted each week.

Pre-Readers and Editors: Talon and Thorn, RK_Striker_JK_5, and wolfstorm56. These awesome peeps deserve a large round of applause.

Art: img2.wikia.nocookie.net

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Princess Twilight Sparkle after many sleepless nights wondering how she was able to generate a seat belt for Spike during the Plunder Seed crisis decides to ask the other princesses. The answer was strange, but after a prank from Rainbow Dash, things go down to outright ridiculous.

This is Twilight's story.

Inspired by, this comment, and the fic that comment was made in.

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