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Author of the Tarnished Silver series. I write clopfics with too many emotions in them. My work is very niche, but my readers are a wonderfully enthusiastic bunch, so I must be doing something right.

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nearly a decade after the fact.

Don't be silly, it hasn't been that lon-OH MY GOD.


Ha ha, how about that mortality? Anyway.

I really appreciate you writing this, for a lot of reasons. The breakdown analysis is actually very helpful, because a lot of the time I end up putting themes in my writing without even being aware of it. You aren't the first to mention that I tended to focus on the kids' emotional states in this story even as the stakes expanded and the world was ending, but I'm still a little surprised when someone brings it up, because that actually wasn't a conscious choice on my part. I think my mind was so firmly situated inside Silver, Twist, and Sweetie's heads whenever I wrote about them that it never really occurred to me to put the perspective anyplace else, even when the royal sisters were blasting each other with anime magic at the end. I'd love to say it was my plan all along, but at some point these foals kind of started dragging me along for the ride, if that makes sense. I'm just really glad it seemed to make the story better!

I guess a similar thing is true for the sex scenes; the physicality was important (and fun!) but the emotional and mental state of the victims was what I was really interested in. I actually don't think I'm all that good at writing physical action so maybe that's why I focused on feeling? But also, I honestly think it was sexier that way. To me, context is a huge factor in how erotic something is.

Regarding the peace aspect, you broke that down really well, too. It was very important to me that there was no clear-cut "everyone is okay now" ending, that healing and finding peace be treated as an ongoing process, something you keep having to work at. Trauma is...it's not something that one can always overcome. Sometimes the severity is such that the best we can do is find ways to live with it. But there can be peace in that, as well.

And then there's the biggest reason that I'm grateful for your comment: hearing that the story inspired you to write more. Knowing that something I wrote ended up motivating someone else to create is honestly the best compliment I can receive, and it's hugely motivating to me, as well. I don't know if what I wrote was all that brilliant, but every story exists, at least in part, because another story helped spark it. So if my story ends up helping put even more stories out there into the world, then I just feel really honored and lucky to be a part of that. Thank you!

If you ever feel like sharing your own stuff, I'd be interested to see it. No pressure, though. Good luck, and thanks again.

Hi there!

I finished reading the entire run of your stories about a week ago, Mr. HamGravy. I can't believe I didn't find my way to them until nearly a decade after the fact. But maybe it's kismet that I didn't. Either way, it's amazing what you accomplished here. I too write (or at least, wrote) naughty stories about cartoons, frequently with a lot of emotion, and to see the entirety of the story that you crafted is really amazing. (And humbling, if I'm going to be totally honest.)

And it's all just so good! My stars, I can't believe I've been missing out for so long! Really, this is all so perfectly up my alley. I'd love to do a re-read and leave a comment on each individual chapter, but that's for later. I'm definitely twisted enough to enjoy the explicit parts of the story, and those are framed in such a lovely way...focused intently on the emotions of the subjects (or victims ^_^) but not neglecting the physical aspect.

The story itself though, away from the sexual content, is basically a masterpiece. So many characters, so many story threads, all woven together. You basically end Equestria as we know it, bringing in ancient, immortal powers and characters...but the focus is so much on the very smallest and weakest characters, and their terrible pain and little joys that the story never abstracts itself, if that makes sense. So often when a story starts to deal with first causes and ancient powers, the human (or pony) part of the story gets left behind for more elemental emotional hooks. That never happens here. It keeps our little heroes in the spotlight, even while the world is changing around them. It's just...amazing. I'll be honest, I shed tears a couple of times reading the whole saga, and once again once I was finished. That's a powerful effect.

And it's not a story about gray morality, either. I'd say things are pretty black and white here...from Rarity to Fancypants to Celestia herself, the monsters are definitely monsters. It's not a story that really goes into redemption. It does explore forgiveness to an extent, but really only as an outgrowth of what I saw a commenter mention before me...peace. In the end, the most important things for the characters we care most about, and what we want the most for them, is peace and security. Twist finds it, Sweetie Belle seems to struggle for it, and Silver Spoon is unsure if she'll ever truly have it. And Rarity, really the worst monster of them all, abandons everything in a probably vain hope of finding it. That, in particular, was a masterstroke. She's gone, for good in most ways, but in a way that doesn't leave the nagging emotions and lingering guilt that would follow if she was dead or just imprisoned. Part of me does wonder if she made her choice knowing it would help Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon make peace with what she'd done to them.

It was an amazing read. I felt...scoured by the end of it. Few things have ever had that effect on me. And it was inspiring, literally. ^_^ I've wanted to get back into my own writing for years now, and I can say I've written more in the week since I've read this than I have in quite some time. Will it last? I don't know, but it certainly feels good to make progress on some of my languishing projects. So thank you for that.

Really, just...thank you for sharing this.

Of course! Hope everything goes well for you!

Oh wow, thank you! I haven't really published anything since Aftercare because of real life professional obligations, though it's my hope to change that in the (relatively) near future. Might be this year, might be next. But when that happens, I'll make a blog post here letting everyone know. So I guess, just check back here every now and then?

In any case, thanks very much for reading!

Literally made an account just to post this, but I LOVE your tarnished silver series, even if I'm not a major mlp fan. Is there anywhere else I can follow you so I can see your other works?

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