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Author of the Tarnished Silver series. I write clopfics with too many emotions in them. My work is very niche, but my readers are a wonderfully enthusiastic bunch, so I must be doing something right?

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You're a great writer, keep it up.

Thank you for sticking around for all these years!

Happy 10th anniversary to Tarnished Silver


June 22 2012 - June 22 2022

That's so flattering that you keep coming back to read it! It really means a lot to know that the story has been an influence on you. Even though I don't really have time to write ponyfic these days (someday again, perhaps) I still log in every now and then and am amazed that I still get comments like these. Thanks so much.

So, I come back to the Spoon chronicles every... year or so? And I've been doing this for years now. I was a horribly young age when I read this for the first time (yaaay, no parental controls) but I thought it was fantastic when I was a young'un and I think it's fantastic now. Never commented before now, at least not that I remember. But!
Thanks for writing this. Dunno if you still write ponyfic, or fic in general, but the emotional introspection present in this series has influenced my fic/rp for years.

So thanks, mister Gravy, for providing me entertainment since I found you in I think 2013/14. Luck to you in whatever you're doing now!

  • Viewing 308 - 312 of 312
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10 Years Later · 11:24pm Jun 22nd, 2022


...anyone still here?

Hi, everybody. I doubt anyone else has even noticed, nor would I expect them to, but ten years ago today, I uploaded a weird little clop story called Tarnished Silver to this site.

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