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Author of the Tarnished Silver series. I write clopfics with too many emotions in them. My work is very niche, but my readers are a wonderfully enthusiastic bunch, so I must be doing something right.

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Happy Birthday 2020 Hamgravy!
May 14 2020.

Shame, I was hoping we could get a follow-up to the Tarnished Silver saga.

I hope so. You're a talented writer, and I'd hate for that potential to not be used here.

I'm really happy that my writing inspired you! That's the highest compliment I can get, honestly.

I don't want to promise things I can't deliver, so I'm going to say that I honestly don't know if I will write anything I can put on FimFiction again. It all depends on if I have another pony-related idea that I like. It's certainly possible, but I don't know how likely.

  • Viewing 305 - 309 of 309
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MARE-Y CHRISTMAS, MOVIE HOUSE! · 1:25am Dec 25th, 2015

(That's right, I still exist.)

Report HamGravy · 569 views · #christmas
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