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Currently working on the next chapter. Out, uh... shit, sometime.

Thanks for the follow!

Oh man, talk about revival! How have you been, buddy?

My plan at the moment is something like: Sell my Jaguar and Tele, use the money to by a 65 AVRI Jazzmaster, and put a WRHB in the bridge of my current JM. Or something like that, all depends if I can ever find a Firemist Silver JM for sale, or if I find an Epiphone ET-276/ET-290 or a Rickenbacker 450/460 first...

I would say if you're not ready to splash out on WRHBs yet, have a look at some of the older Hofner pick ups, pretty unique sounding and not always too expensive. That, or just go the WRHB route (I probably would :twilightsheepish:. If not in my JM, maybe a nice Tele Custom or Deluxe).

Oooh, I bet you'd get some pretty nice sounds out of that layout. Mighty Mite necks are pretty decent, but bear in mind Strat necks and Tele necks have different heel shapes. Heh, pretty weird the people who end up being guitar nerds. I'm lucky enough to live near a little custom build company, not that I could afford anything they make, sadly.

Mmmhmm, Ricks are always very aesthetically pleasing, the 360v63 is proof of that alone. They're just doing their own thing and it definitely works, just a shame they're so hard on the sale of parts and copies and stuff.

Nothing yet, but our song gets played a lot at events for the college I went to. I'm not entirely happy with the version we did, I got overproduced and lost a whole lot of dynamic change, but people seem to like it (I've been told it's reminiscent of 'Green Album' era Weezer). Lately we've been playing some local mini-festivals, so who knows, maybe Norway one day...
P.S. this is it if you fancy a listen

Low vocals certainly have their place, shoegaze and anything Albini produces are proof. Mixing is always tedious, a lot of the time I can't really tell if I've changed anything, heh.

Still haven't gotten me any proper recording gear, I'm very lazy. I found out the guitar shop in my town sells Samson mics, so I might pick one of those up and a used Focusrite studio or something. I though bass was usually recorded from the line out of the amp? Can't rightly say I've ever seen a bass amp mic'd up.

It's a shame more companies don't do maple fretboards, because they are waaaaaayyy easier to maintain than a rosewood one. And yeah, they look hella cool. I'm in the same boat, only my JM and Tele have maple boards, and I'm looking to sell my Tele, so then I'd be down to one. Ric website says it's just clear coated Rosewood. I heard someone say that some used baked maple, but I'm not really sure.

I find it really hard to work cool tunings into the things I usually write. Except Eb Standard, but that doesn't really count.

I think I know what you mean about the Starcaster. Jazzmasters have that same acoustic, almost piano-like tone to them, though I guess that the Starcaster being semi-hollow really accentuates that. It's a shame the original ones are so rare, I'd like to try one too, but the only time I've ever seen one was when I went to see Morrissey and his guitarist was playing them. Great sound. Creamery stuff is expensive, but it is really good, so it's a tough call.

All the good guitars are always in America. All the best ones are also super hard to find anywhere else. Such is life. Good luck on your search, I'm sure you'll put an RD to very good use.

Aha, speaking of Mosrites...
I actually manage to find one in the UK for a not-ridiculous price. The bridge pickup on this thing has all the tone in the world, super bright and twangy. I can relate to the money/space/use issue, man. That's why I'm thinking of selling my Jag, it's a great guitar, but I don't really play it that much, and I'm sure someone else could get a lot out of it.

Good to hear things are going well for you. I just entered the wonderful world of full time employment myself, so I get what you mean. But hey, money, amirite?

Hoy!! Lateboy here.

A half blaster sounds like a wonderful thing. I was goingto buy some wrhb's, but they're pretty expensive- and I've been having some annoyances with my hofner, and three staple pickups are even more expensive. So I've got to sort out some priorities, and my wrhb guitar sounds a ton better than the hofner.

The tele - strat neck and gold foil pickups, and strat pickups. Something like that, hah. I could - if I am lucky - avoid any routing by getting a strat in the neck, gold foil surface mount in the mid, and a tele bridge. Mm. My dentist - of all people - is apparently a big guitar modder, and was talking to me during the wholes drill session about ideas, parts, and how tos. It was great. He recommended Mighty Mite necks, but I haven't decided anything. They look decent, I could paint them all crazy.

Ricks have suck a charm to them. It's a very outlandish shape, really, but it is beautiful. If I stumbled apon one I would get it, for sure.

Oh dude, that sounds great! Gotten any feedback? Maybe you'll wind up playing festivals in europe and I can wave at ya.

Yeah, I enjoy low - in demos they are even lower, but I tried having them higher in the final recordings. I'm not sure if they ended up louder, though, hehe. Phase 2 haven't begun yet, and I need to figure out some stuff for it.

Yeah, I think any decent dynamic would be an upgrade to match the volume of an amp. I've been meaning to get a vocal specific mic and a bass mic - which I may have mentioned - but I am so incredibly unsure of what to get. MD421 has been suggested to me for bass, though.

Clear coated fingerboards are great! Easy to clean and maintain. And they look purdy. I almost only have rosewood, though. I don't think I have a preference besides the ease of cleaning laquered maple. I thought 4003's had some exotic wood that was lacquered, though? Some rosewood esque thing. Hm- google says rosewood, seems I have remembered wrong.

Despite my fondness for alternate tunings, it is pretty much the same here. I've reverted to E standard on pretty much everything I own. I should try branching a bit.

I do really like the sound on my starcaster, it's almost- accoustic? Very snappy. But I really wanna try real ones, but I don't feel I can justify that purchase atm. I am considering replacing my hofner staple pickups with more accurate repro by creamery, but - a lot of money. 200 pounds or so :T

Hell yeah! RD looks great, and sound great. I've almost saved up a buffer now, but USD has risen in strength so they're suddenly much pricier, hah. Patience. Patience. Maybe I'll be super lucky and find one in Norway.

That generation of guitars just have their own charm. The mosrites are different. Like the EKO's and all that. I'd love to have one some day, but yeah, money man. Money and space. I don't know if I should buy another guitar yet. I kind of want a shortscale for something very different, but I don't know if I have the space and use for it. Would be sad to have it just sit around not being used.

Also, better late and all that. I've already said I am a slow replier, but this was a bit extreme. I'm doing some mental health stuff, to get back into working life, so this year has been stressful, making me push things away. But all things considered it is all going really well, it just slows down some things in the beginning. Ho well!:wq


I've sorta been wanting to get another VM, and make a half-Jazzblaster, with a WRHB in the bridge.

Oooh, what have you got planned for that Tele?

4003 is so nice. The neck is an odd shape, but it's suprisingly comfortable, it's like a wide-U shape. Took a while to get used to, but it's real nice to play. Now all I need is a 480 to match it.
It's such a pretty shape.

I've had a pretty eventful few months. Sorted my band stuff out, played a gig at my favourite ever venue (same place I saw Mudhoney and Dinosaur Jr., and even Foo Fighters have played there!), and one of my songs got selected to be put on a compilation album, so we got to record it in a studio for free, and the album gets sent off to A&R people from local record labels, so pretty exciting times!

Sounds pretty nice, man. One thing I will say is I know you prefer the vocals low in the mix, but I think in this case they're a tad too low. Cool sounds, I like it.

I've been meaning to get a 57 or a 58 for a while now. The headset is okay, but it can't really handle distorted guitar all that well, which sucks because I use distortion a whole lot.

The neck on the strat copy is pretty odd. It's maple with a maple cap fret board, but it looks like the fret board came from a different piece of maple. I prefer maple necks too, hence the reason I put one on my Jazzmaster, I just find them more comfy and playable than rosewood. Although, I may just prefer finish on the fingerboard, because my 4003 and the 350 I played the other day have rosewood fingerboards, but are clear coated and feel like maple...

I've been messing around with other tunings recently. American Football have some really pretty sounding tunings, like F A C G C E and E A Db Ab B E. I've not really attempted to write anything in any alternate tunings, except one song a while ago which was basically 'Shadow Of A Doubt' by Sonic Youth :facehoof:

Distortion sounded quite scratchy, but also very bass-y. It's a pretty unique sound, distorted acoustic. Seen Dino Jr. and Mascis, good times, Jazzmaster now sports a Mascis sticker.

I like the reissue and original WRHBs myself. They sound real nice, plus they look really cool with the screws like that.

Jolana Basso IX...such a cool shape. I really want to try a Jolana at some point, just to see how they are...

Ooooh, RD Basses are niiiice. Weigh the same as the moon, but sound amazing.

Still love the 2x4, so goddamn weird. The problem is that too many guitars look cool and I want them. Things are so expensive, though. Sad times.

I've gone back to looking at Hallmark guitars again, because the Mosrite shape is just one of the best. I'm going to sell my Tele and old Eastwood bass and use the money to buy a Hallmark Custom 65, when they finally start making them...

A man can dream, though...a man can dream...

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