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I will likely be getting back to finishing my current fic soon, I have not had much time, but hope to get back to it.

-reads blog post-
"A few more days..."
-checks date-
1 and 1/2 months ago.

Thanks for the fav and comment on "Cadence's Naughty Little Fetish". I may be doing another chapter as the demand for one seems to be rising.

I'm also looking forward to your Cadence and Queen Chrysalis watersports fic! :twilightsmile:



Yet again I am glad that that I have been an insperation into helping you write that fic.

I probably said this before but the fic I have coming out next will be a Chrysalis and Cadence watersports fic and then I will be starting to write the multi capter Rarity one.

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So, the name for the Twilight x Trixie fic I announced a few days ago in the last update will be announced along with a short description and a last update on A Royal Wetting till it drops on fimfiction next week will be discussed in this blog post.

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