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I'm a 21 year old erotic fiction author from the United States. I don't write often, but am often told by many people that I'm a good writer. Personally I don't see it, but I do occasionally write because people seem to like my work. I enjoy writing erotic fiction mostly. I try to focus only on stories with a strong romantic relationship. I'm a guy so obviously sex is good too, but for me what matters most about a story is the love that's shared between the characters.

I enjoy taboo and unexpected relationships (two enemies, incest, same-sex, inter-species) because I feel that if done properly it can really show that the characters are together because they really love and care about each other rather than just a physical attraction. I tend to favorite authors and stories that stick to this theme.

I'm a big fan of animated works. Not really cartoons (MLP:FiM is technically the only cartoon I watch), but more adult-centric animated shows (like anime). MLP just got in there because honestly it's a kickass show. I prefer animated shows because I don't get to watch TV or movies very frequently and when I do get to watch them, I want to escape, NOT just watch someone else live a horribly boring everyday life.

If you have any comments or story requests, let me know. I might just write about it.


My Writing Setup · 7:13pm Oct 26th, 2019

Some of you have asked about my writing setup. Well, you're in for a surprise. I write on 20 year old computers. Why? Well, mostly because I'm prone to distraction when I'm writing and I don't want a computer that has internet. You can't get on the internet on super old computers because the network protocols are obsolete. So what do I use? For a desktop, I use a top of the line iMac G4 with a 20" screen. These are pretty rare and hard to come by these days. There's not even ONE of

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I hope you'll enjoy Changeling domination!

Hey, thanks for adding Celestial interrogation to your shelf!

I'll keep that in mind, then.

I'm a pretty vanilla guy. I wrote a blogpost in 2013 about what I would and wouldn't write and my tastes haven't changed since then:

Anything you won't write about?

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