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My Website & Other Places to Find My Work

My website is:


I also have profiles on SoFurry and FurAffinity.

If you want to see what I'm working on (my work in progress), check out my website. All of my stories are written and edited there live. I only post finished stories here on FimFiction and other websites. If you want to give me your input on stories that I'm working on there is a comment section on my website. You can comment on stories that I'm working on RIGHT NOW to give me feedback/suggestions on what direction to take with the story. I don't finish all the stuff I'm working on so some of the stuff in my "work in progress" section will never be published anywhere else.

About Me

I'm a 21 year old computer technician from the United States. I don't write often, but am often told by many people that I'm a good writer. Personally I don't see it, but I do occasionally write because people seem to like my work. I enjoy writing erotic fiction mostly. I try to focus only on stories with a strong romantic relationship. I'm a guy so obviously sex is good too, but for me what matters most about a story is the love that's shared between the characters.

I enjoy taboo and unexpected relationships (two enemies, incest, same-sex, inter-species) because I feel that if done properly it can really show that the characters are together because they really love and care about each other rather than just a physical attraction. I tend to favorite authors and stories that stick to this theme.

I'm a big fan of animated works. Not really cartoons (MLP:FiM is technically the only cartoon I watch), but more adult-centric animated shows (like anime). MLP just got in there because honestly it's a kickass show. I prefer animated shows because I don't get to watch TV or movies very frequently and when I do get to watch them, I want to escape, NOT just watch someone else live a horribly boring everyday life.

If you have any comments or story requests, let me know. I might just write about it.


My Writing Setup · 7:13pm Oct 26th, 2019

Some of you have asked about my writing setup. Well, you're in for a surprise. I write on 20 year old computers. Why? Well, mostly because I'm prone to distraction when I'm writing and I don't want a computer that has internet. You can't get on the internet on super old computers because the network protocols are obsolete. So what do I use? For a desktop, I use a top of the line iMac G4 with a 20" screen. These are pretty rare and hard to come by these days. There's not even ONE of

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I hope you'll enjoy Changeling domination!

Hey, thanks for adding Celestial interrogation to your shelf!

I'll keep that in mind, then.

I'm a pretty vanilla guy. I wrote a blogpost in 2013 about what I would and wouldn't write and my tastes haven't changed since then:

Anything you won't write about?

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