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How did you end up loving the show of mlp? · 8:43am Apr 4th, 2013


:twilightblush: Well the truth is... curiosity.

:pinkiesad2: It all started when I start to see pictures of ponies everywhere (DA., Google, Youtube, etc)... even in my most... explicit websites (*cough* Rule34)...

:twilightangry2: To be honest at the beginning I thought ppl have become crazy, or gay ppl have definitely taken over the internet (I got nothing against gay ppl. I even used to have a gay friend. now lower that knife).

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why do i get the feeling you'll be on this site forever hehe

Yo, thanks for the fave! :raritywink


Well, as long as you understand you're not in a good place right now, I can't complain too much.

1974143 I snort muffins made out of blueberries...
Can't help it... :V

Why would you favorite something as vile as Stankocide? What's WRONG with you?

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