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I'm not dead yet


No one reads this shit anyway · 12:50am Dec 18th, 2012

Yeah, I've been less than useless to the pone community. I dunno if I'll wind up contributing further or I'll just continue to do nothing and play League of Legends.

I'll get back to you.


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My Favorite Stories and Hidden Shit.

Hey. So I see you managed to complete the secret ritual of scrolling down the page. That's cool. I feel that.

And as such, I'm going to link you to some pastebin stiff I have here, because hey, You're worth it. Don't thank me. I'm no hero.

I hope you like cuddling with a cute Sweetie Belle, which I then proceed to turn horrible because that's how I get my jollies.


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Bye i suppose

Hey there. I loved your Twist story. Just wanted to say that.

Hey there Metals,
just wondering (and I didn't want to go through all the comments) if you ARE going to continue "Sun Baked". I guess many people asked you this already, but well...
Anyway, I would like to see a second chapter, rounding it all off, or something like that.
Thanks for your time!

Why wouldn't I ya mook, A Treasure among Treasures is great! And I love Classy Pony. :raritywink:

>Metals-sama is following me

Oh gosh~

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