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pony-writer/pornographer looking for work. old stories undeleted. i'm sorry. Patreon here




our old dumb unfinished portfolio site

Current Commission Queue:

  1. Sweet-smelling changeling adventures continue!
  2. Run a train on 'er :p
  3. Luster meets big booty beach bitches
  4. Delicious misery of an adopted pony
  5. Halloween spooktacular surprise
  6. Soarin/Rainbow/Scootaloo 3xome
  7. Cheerilee/Rumble EQG 'private tutoring' (aged up)
  8. Aged-up anthro Spike butt-fun


hello. i am darf. i was famous here for a bit and then i exploded and made a lot of mistakes and now i'm here trying to fix things and not die. apparently i'm only good at writing porn so that's what i'd like to do from now on.

if i hurt you in some way or made a mistake or owe you anything, please reach out and i will try to make amends in any way i can. usually that will look like me doing creative work for you, but i'd even be open to negotiating a lifetime of servitude given the right premises. i'm very sorry for how stupid i am and was.

you can support me on Patreon if you feel like it

Or you can commission me. I love commissions. Price is negotiable, dependent on the difficulty of the subject matter. almost nothing is out-of-the-question.

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Hey uh i was just gonna read this https://www.fimfiction.net/story/18629/lunas-tits story of yours, what happened to the story? It has no words/chapters.

Hey, thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy: That made me smile. :pinkiesmile:

I've got a second possible idea to commission.
Should I send it now or wait until my current one gets finished?

Thank you for the horse words

Sexy fucking guy 😡

126 stories

:rainbowderp: Wow. I've somehow found a writer with more posted stories than I have story ideas! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!

inevitably we'll be watching all our contemporaries, but for now it's mildly enjoyable to keep tabs on everyone who's busy working and writing. have a nice day! <3

Senpai noticed me with a follow!!! Thanks darf, means a lot coming from one of the greats!


Hey darf? You okay, buddy?

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Darf is back but what about taw?

it all turns back to circles eventually :heart:

Ha. Never thought I'd see the day where the author of 'Quiet on the Farm' gave me a follow. That was one of the first clopfics I ever read.

NBQ #397 · Apr 22nd, 2020 · · 1 ·


Bitte! :pinkiehappy:

danke! :3


You write really nice stuff :heart:

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