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Hi Shortmane, I do write in other fandoms elsewhere, but I lurk on FimFic and read a few of the stories here. I followed mostly in case you decide to do a sequel to "Don't Want Perfection". :)

Hey there!
Thanks for the follow, hope I earn it!
Hopefully you get the urge to do some writing someday too (or just reading is super cool too, don't get me wrong!)
So, uh... thanks! :pinkiehappy:

2179598 sounds like a good problem to have!

2179474 I'm glad you enjoy my art. :) I'm just too behind on the art projects I have currently going to add anything else.

2179277 all right, I saw the wonderful commissions you've done for your husband over on fur affinity ( totally not stalking skywriter! :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:) and figured I would ask.

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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