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Inspired by a true story... · 4:43am October 12th

Just published my first Rarijack fic!
Funny thing is, although they're my favorite MLP ship I never really thought of a good story for them. Then this idea struck me on Sunday night and by Tuesday I was finishing editing it- how the hell did I manage to do that??

So a lot of that story is heavily inspired by my own personal experiences growing up.

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I hope you're doing well and that I didn't scare you with my last PM message

Thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile: It's really appreciated.

I'm currently taking requests for sketches from new followers. If you'd like me to draw you something MLP related, then feel free to tell me.

I think we talked past, I only wanted someone who checks the grammar and spelling, the rest was optimal. I think if you just focus on that on the chapters, it might be easier for both of us.

Thank you for the watch!

I just got chapter 3. I guess that is everything?

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