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Anon-A-Miss reveals themselves to Sunset, but it’s too late. Sunset has already made up her mind, and there's no turning back. It's become clear that nothing remains for her at that school. She never expected any of her old friends to actually care. Why should she?

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Lot of anguish in the next chapter I’m guessing.

Ehh... not as much as you might think. This is a much more hopeful and optimistic take on the story, although there will be some yelling in the next chapter :applejackunsure:

Fair enough. Most Anonamiss stories I’ve read recently have focused heavily or the Rainbooms self loathing.

It’s a pretty good storyline, not like the other guilt focused stories from before, more like something that the CMC with actual morals would actually do, confiding to the person they wronged first.

I think it’s good, keep it up. Unless you don’t wanna then that’s fine too.

I wrote this because I had yet to see an Anon-A-Miss fic that seemed to deal with it not uh... insanely. I wanted to do a spin on the comic storyline exploring more about Sunset as well as her friendship with the others without making them out to be villains or drowning in self-loathing.
And I definitely plan to keep going! There's four more chapters planned and the next two mostly written- I'm not done yet :ajsmug:

Great! Can’t wait 😊

Keep it rolling. And Happy Hearth's Warming to you.

Interesting start. I think the CMC are feeling guilty enough that even though Sunset said they shouldn't, they'll tell their sisters the truth anyways.

I still want them to confess, and with what they can tell the Principals, they can maybe chew out the entire school for being so petty and vindictive.
Shame them hard, and yes they need to be, they need to realize how cruel they were,and nearly drive a innocent girl away for good.

I'm not saying drive them into a wallow of guilt but a loud scolding and maybe even informing the parents will teach them a lesson.
Thou the one trying to hack into the account...i'm not sure what can be done about it.

Because doing nothing will not solve anything, just make things worst, and will happen again.
Someone trying to hack the account to post more darker secrets, if they fail they just make a account of their own and here we go again.

Also, I'd like to see one where the Rainbooms actually apologise to Sunset and really mean it. Sunset refuses an apology party and just wants them to say it straight to her face.

Personally, I view the party aspect as an excuse to have fun and the idea of apologising to Sunset gets lost

This is nice, not over the top like a certain recent story, I can easily picture the characters acting this way, looking forward to the next chapter

I really don't think the CMC would keep it to themselves, no matter what Sunset told them (which we'll see a bit of next chapter). They weren't going to be a big part of this story, mainly the catalyst, but I'm now gonna add a scene in later with them talking with Sunset again- she knows what it's like to do something wrong and want to do better.
Also... I might well have shot myself in the foot with the hacker thing- it was mainly an idea that I thought seemed feasible and I really don't think they would share anything that could be really dangerous (not knowingly). Don't uh... don't expect much more on that front :twilightblush:

Glad to hear it! (curious which other story you're talking about)
Hopefully I'll have the next chapter up in about a week or so :pinkiesmile:

Sunset Shimmer gave a short nod, a hint of a smile, and then she closed the door, leaving behind three miserable, terrified girls.


not over the top like a certain recent story

Nuclear Option?

Gonna be honest, really liked that you didn't have Sunset get mad at the CMC. To me, it really made it stand out. Sure, logically it makes the most sense for her to get mad but honestly I like the idea that the CMC didn't think Sunset should get off this easy. A lot of stories either have Sunset and [insert other characters here] get mad at the Rainbooms and crack under the hate, or have the Rainbooms hate themselves over and over. I like the (somewhat) more optimistic tone here.


I was more referring to the original Anon-a-miss a wrinkle in time however If you want to go was rather rough and then there's Nuclear option

9367164 I think Nuclear Option is the worst, it's nothing but gratuitous gore and disgusting stuff.

I see, glad, and the hacker bit did sound pretty serious, but understand. Do hope the bit on being threaten is addressed thou, wanting more personal secrets exposed and then threatening them or they assumed was Sunset to do so.

Wow....I think a suspension is called for, if not alerting the parents for sure. Those things aren't taken lightly.

I am guessing return to eqjestria or skip town

Agreed. In the comics Sunset never seemed angry, she seemed tired and alone, even when hearing the confession. Here, she's more numb than anything and pushing down those more fiery emotions.
I'm glad it's resonating. She does absolutely have a right to be angry, but it never seemed to fit quite right in the situation.
This is definitely a more optimistic take on the storyline, but it's not gonna be all sunshine and rainbows.

I wonder where Sunset's going to go. It's obviously not Equestria otherwise she wouldn't be leaving a note for Twilight.

One of the things about the whole Anon-A-Miss thing that I've pondered periodically is, assuming Sunset bailed on the others before the mess was resolved, how would that affect subsequent events? Sci-Twi would still do her investigation at CHS, but there wouldn't be a Sunset to talk her down after the magic takes her. And Camp Everfree would likely still be under threat of foreclosure, with the magic-infused crystals still in the cave (though the movie doesn't mention at what point Gloriosa found them and began misusing their power). Wallflower Blush, however, had by her story already been making considerable use of the magic she found, and probably would continued to do so unnoticed.

It's no stretch to say that Sunset's presence was pivotal during these events, and without her? I think things would have gotten pretty unpleasant.

Good catch! As to where she goes... there is a hint somewhere :raritywink:

That’s a perfect setting for a connected story. What does happen? Maybe without Sunset, Sci-Twi becomes Midnight Sparkle quietly and hides her possession from the world. Camp Everfree could become the EG equivalent of Camp Crystal Lake with Gaia Everfree being Jason Voorhees. And Wallflower gets to be the reason why no one ever follows though with their plans to destroy or rule the world, she had her own plot to play God but she’s forced to play the hero and make the villains constantly are missing a piece to their plots.

So, basically it turns into an episode of Star Trek.

I'm terrify of what the next chapter reveals.... You have my attention...

Sci-Twi had her meltdown out in the open though, after being pushed to dip into the magic and use it, regardless of the consequences. Now, while a part of that push came about because of Sunset's performance during the games, the other girls--and the school as a whole--were connected enough to put up pretty good results themselves. So its pretty likely that that part would have happened much the same way. Only now, there's no Sunset present to understand the rush that comes from stolen power, and how damaging it can really be.

Camp Everfree could become the EG equivalent of Camp Crystal Lake with Gaia Everfree being Jason Voorhees.

Ah, that's a bit extreme, lol. Remember, Gloriosa wanted people to show up at the camp, not stay away. And Gaia took that to an extreme degree. I could see the camp getting a reputation after a bunch of campers--and those sent in to find them--never come back out of the forest though. And then a steady trickle of curious tourists, stupid kids on a dare, and random travelers who don't about its reputation all getting disappeared when they get close. As for what happens to them in the camp itself? Well that could be varying levels of dark, but Gaia still wants them to be a part of the Camp Everfree family and enjoy themselves.

Interesting idea for Wallflower though. She'd be a hero because there's no other choice for her, but nobody would ever know it. I can see that really messing with her mind.

Cool topic and some real interesting ideas here. Although you might want to start a new forum post for it in the Anon-A-Miss group (would probably get more interest there too) :twilightsmile:

:twilightblush: Sorry, didn't mean to derail your story's comments :pinkiehappy:.


Sometimes all you can do is stay strong, Stay yourself, And find your family.

Her family, her friends… she would never be able to find it if she stayed there,

Oh you sneaky little...
I might have at least a guess on what she's going to attempt to do. It's probably wrong though.

Oooh... I think I know what you're talking about and... if my guess is correct, it's probably off :derpytongue2:
Although it does make me wonder about writing a different kind of Anon-A-Miss story... which is ironic since I already have 2 versions I want to write and finish.

If you're thinking what I'm thinking you're thinking, it really would make for a decent story. I only wish I had the creativity to write it.

You got me interested. I'll be watching this story.

I'm always cautiously optimistic about SadSunny stories. When it's done well, avoiding wish-fulfillment and not forcing shipping/happy endings, it's absolutely heart-wrenching. When it's done poorly, it's just cheap garbage. This looks pretty good so far--in fact, I'd say it's a far cry better than the vast majority of Anon-a-miss fics, even just by grammar and well-written dialogue. I'll be interested to see where it goes.

color me intrigued. I wonder where this is heading.:trixieshiftright:

Oh boy, expectations :twilightoops:
Hope I won't disappoint! It's going to be a fic I haven't seen but wanted to. Glad it at least seems to be catching people's interest! (kinda amazed it hasn't been done before).
Don't know if I'll manage heartwrenching... but perhaps heartwarming at the end :twilightsmile:

Midnight Sparkle destroys both universes rendering any further thought on this moot . This is why the comics (which operate under the multiverse) haven't followed up on it, and is a bigger problem than these fics are supposed to fix.

Also, any reason this isn't listed as AU?

Oh shoot, I wasn't even thinking of it as an AU. In other fandoms, AU is more for coffee shops and major changes to the universe, while this is more of a canon-divergence. I'll update it, thanks for catching it!
(as for the 'what if Sunset wasn't there post AAM' thoughts... I don't remember enough details but it is interesting to think about (I might make a forum post for it if no one else has)
So yeah, thanks!

Well now this has my interest
I hope to see this again soon. And I'm betting being as SAd as they are they are not going to keep it to themselves.
In fact I'm picturing them running through the halls scared and looking for thier sisters to tell them the truth. To try and stop sunset form running.

And Find your family.”


All she had to disappear

You accidentally a word.

“Wait, what?” Applebloom yelped, while the others gaped at her. “But then everyone’s going to keep thinking it was you!”

“By this afternoon it won’t matter.

There's a random line break there.

I'm with 9369120. I've been burned so many times by promising descriptions for Anon-a-Miss fics only for something silly like poor grammar to ruin it. This was actually pretty competent. There were only a few things (some random hyphens that shouldn't exist, for example), but it was mostly solid. Most stories can't boast that much. I'm looking forward to the rest!

Oh, thanks for catching those! I admit I wrote this chapter months ago, and my grammar has improved a lot even since then, so glad to hear it's mostly good (I'll look for those extra hyphens, too, thanks for the head's up).
This is also the kind of motivation I need to finish up the next chapter, just adding to the opening scene and fixing up some parts.

Also... someone just went and downvoted the top... 11 comments. That's odd.


This is also the kind of motivation I need to finish up the next chapter


Also... someone just went and downvoted the top... 11 comments. That's odd.

That is pretty weird.


Also... someone just went and downvoted the top... 11 comments. That's odd.

I'm sorry to inform you but you've got
I'm afraid there's no cure.:pinkiesad2:

Please tell me this is is continuing

Yep! And this comment made me sorta jump and open up that word doc again (it's been nearly done for ages, I just take forever in editing) :twilightblush:

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