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Huge fan of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. My OC: Inferno Blaze aka The Shadow Knight


Thanks to a few posts by a cyberbully on MyStable named Anon-a-Miss, her whole school accuses her of the crimes that she didn’t even commit. Even her best friends believes she’s responsible and instantly abandon her; Sunset Shimmer finds herself alone and heartbroken, believing that there is no one who believes her… who cares for her.

One night, she takes a lonely walk into the streets of town, along the way she passes the Canterlot City Orphanage where she meets a little girl named Snowdrop who, like Sunset, had a rough and unbearable life.

Soon the two form a special bond that will both change their lives, but word of them gets out in CHS, even to Anon-a-Miss. Can Sunset’s and Snowdrop’s newly formed friendship be strong enough against the ones who wish to end it or will both of them go back to where they began... alone.

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I'm curious about this story, and I'm kinda hoping it becomes one where Susnet turns her back on her exfriends after the truth is revealed.
I also wondering if Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna will also think she guilty or innocent?

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What did I say in my blog, No Spoilers, you see soon enough I promise.

And Thank you for reading my story It really means a lot to me.


I see your a big fan of Snowdrop, me too!

And hope you get ready cause she's about to come in Chapter 2.

I think this is the first eqg story featuring Snowdrop on this site.

Achievement unlocked for you.


Thanks, I found out no one even tried it, so I wanted to be the first.

Also Chapter 2 has updated, better check it out. :rainbowdetermined2:

Shadow Weapon

I know right, by the way did you like the chapter.:pinkiesad2:

Yeah I did, can't wait to see where it goes.:twilightsmile:

Does anyone here agree with Flash Sentry beating the S***! out of Dumbbell.

I was wondering which art you were going to base Snowdrop of. Anyway, you should totally write faster.


Whoa man, I just met you, at least buy me a bottle of cider first :ajsmug: :rainbowlaugh:

Sunset and Snowdrop needs to be sister for real.


Maybe :ajsmug:

Actually I was planning it.

Hella liked it! I also loved how you added Snowdrop and ended the chapter with Sunset hearing that at least one person believes her. It was a really sweet and a great way to end the chapter can’t wait to see what you have in store keep up the good work! :twilightsmile: P.S. Human Snowdrop = 100% adorable!!!


#16·36 minutesago·1··Chapter 2: The Mysterious Girl·
Hella liked it! I also loved how you added Snowdrop and ended the chapter with Sunset hearing that at least one person believes her. It was a really sweet and a great way to end the chapter can’t wait to see what you have in store keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:P.S. Human Snowdrop = 100% adorable!!!

Thanks I'm glad you liked it. . . also I know Right, so adorable.

Ooooooooooohhh be afraid CHS students, be veeeeeeery afraid. :pinkiecrazy:

*echos of chaotic laughter*

I really really hope this story ends with Sunset turning her back on her ex friends unless Fluttershy wises up.

Try to guess who were those three girls at the end :trixieshiftright:

Something about C's and M's right?

Also, you can use the button in the top right of a comment to link and reply to it.

couldn't have said it better my self.

My guess of how things are going to play out if the Rainbooms and the CMC nearly destroy Sunset’s friendship with Snowdrop.

Students of CHS; mainly the CMC, know this. Sunset and Snowdrop have formed what is going to be without a doubt, a special bond. For all those dare to break it, then......

Something tells me if the Rainbooms don;t wise up soon, they going to loose Sunset for good.

Hey we won't know til chapter 5 :twilightsmile:. . . anyway do you like the chapter.

I love it. glad Sunset has a little sister figure, if the CMC try to break them up, they are going to get ti big time.
And if anyone bothers Snow Drop Sunset going to tear them apart I bet.

If harm should ever fall onto Snowdrop, will we see Sunset lash out at the person/people who harmed her?


Oh you two would bet on it :ajsmug:, being betrayed by friends is one thing, but anyone harming the person you cared about. . .
(*cocking gun*). . . that's crossing the line.

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hmm first time I've ever had an author delete one of my comments before. was the idea you should get an editor so offensive to you?

No cause I thought you were the guy who gave me a third dislike. :applejackunsure:

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But then Snowdrop also told Sunset that during her class time, she was later then teased and mocked for her blindness,

I mean... why? I guess some just don’t grow up.

so... just gonna say that if anyone lays a finger on snowdrop with Sunset around, well, I would not want to be in the same room.

when's next chapter? this story has my interest!

I need time to think :facehoof:, don’t worry the next chapter will be updated soon.

Sorry if I missed this but is snowdrop older or younger than sunset. If so how old is snowdrop

She’s about CMC’s ages, just only 2 years older.

that song was a perfect pick, outstanding chapter!

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