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I'm Sheena. I write mostly angsty teen lesbian romantic dramedy, a few AUs, and sometimes porn.


[description slightly updated 10/10/22]
What if Applebloom hadn't admitted to being Anon-a-Miss when she did? What if Sunset took the situation to extreme measures? And what if the Crusaders never stopped posting…?

This is the story of the aftermath of what might have happened, Sunset's recovery from the trauma of abandonment and resulting depression, and the road towards healing and forgiveness. This is also the story of why Anon-a-Miss continued to function long after the intended purpose was completed. There will be roadblocks, detours, and maybe even engine troubles, but through friendship, Sunset's wounds may yet be mended. However… as the one behind the wicked veil of anonymity continues to wreak havoc, who else will be hurt due to her desire for vengeance? Why does she seek it, and for what is it sought for? When the collateral damage inevitably collapses under its own weight, Sunset will not be the only one bearing scars.



Third person. Present tense (flashbacks are in Past tense). Rated T rather than M as there is no explicit sex or graphic violence. Profanity tag may be pushing the rating a bit (frequency of F bombs was reduced in editing). Sex tag for discussion of sexual activity (both heterosexual and homosexual) and implied nudity. Suicide / Self Harm tag for failed suicide attempts, mentions of past attempts, discussion of cutting, and for descriptions of scars. Contains cannabis mention and implied use (not enough to justify tagging Narcotics but enough to mention). Also contains minor character death (of an OC, in a flashback, off-screen), medical trauma, mental illness, and some depictions of homophobia and the usage of slurs.

TL;DR reader discretion is HIGHLY advised. Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions about exactly what method of suicide attempts are depicted in case certain types may cause you harm. I don’t want to trigger anyone if I can help to prevent it. (I am using ‘trigger’ here in its medical context.)

It has been pointed out to me that there are some inconsistencies concerning the timeline and canon. I will mention that here to spare you further confusion. This takes place in a light AU I call my EEGC (Extended Equestria Girls Chronology) which consists of multiple fics set in the same universe and timeline. In it I have changed, among other things: Twilight gave Sunset the journal in the events of the first film, the Anon-a-Miss incident occurs within weeks of the first film and long before the second, the OTHER Twilight & Sunset are ‘altered’ and ‘taken care of’ respectively, and the Human World and Limbo are now the same location. These changes were made because the EqG canon is literally impossible otherwise, given the events of the show (and has only grown MORE impossible in time).

Thank you all for getting me featured repeatedly!
Thank you for the likes, comments, and favorites!
Thank you especially for the constructive criticism!

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Love this so far

Good job!

Youch the feels here
Thank you, I loved this story, can't wait to read more

It’s missing somethings applejack jsut believes ab when she confesses, why didn’t she just shows the phone witht he blog logged in

Needs a little editing but looks very interesting. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Anon-a-miss was such an interesting story, because it had the potential to be so much more than it ended up being, and, frankly, because the execution was so shoddy.

Thankfully, we have things like this that can delve deeper into the poison that Anon-a-miss would have pumped into Sunset and everyone around her.

I look forward to seeing where this goes.

honestly, I was expecting others at the school to realize and know she wasn't anon but didn't care to help bystander effect sucks and some use this as an excuse to be petty or just lil bullies who like to hurt others without a reason some bad even indifferent people have hurt good people for no reason out of the blue and just don't care cause it not their problem or there happiest at someone else's misery to feel better of themselves.
who wouldn't feel envious of the sunset? she has power, great friend and forgiveness for her actions and mistakes so unfair in there twisted emotions! I know some people love the anon event cause envy is an ugly emotion along with petty spite for weak people.

Love this story. I know it a story about healing and forgiveness, I just want to be to be slow and realistic, that it takes a bit of time for the Rainfails to fix things.

I glad AJ's the first and I know there's the high chance that Fluttershy and Pinkie will be the next two and of course Rarity and Rainbow will be tough nuts to crack. But, all we can do is see how this plays out.

I woke up to more notifications in one day than I think I've ever gotten omg

Thanks :3

I'm glad the feels train made a stop in your station and that you enjoyed my work

Counter question. What motive could Applebloom have for lying? If Sunset WAS Anon-a-Miss why would Applebloom take the fall and let her sister remain friends with The Bitch Queen™? Anyway, my depiction of EqG Applebloom is that she can be deceitful and underhanded if she wants to be but is a truly honest person at heart: unfortunately she takes a backseat to all of the other subplots going on in my chronology so I don't have a lot of time to write her so admittedly the characterization could blindside people, which is why I'm going deeper later on into her motivations for starting the blog in the first place. Also Applejack is pretty tech illiterate anyway ;P

I'm glad your interest is piqued but may I ask in what manner editing is required? I'm assuming there's spots of using the wrong tense, but if it's something else please feel free to bring it up.

Thanks! ...I love your profile pic 👀

I feel the same way: thanks, I'm glad you like it so far.

While you are correct in that surely some people didn't think it was her but keep in mind that Sunset terrorized them for years. Sunset was a bully once too. If someone who hurt you is in a vulnerable place, human nature often drives us to hurt them back for a misguided sense of vengeance. I do agree with your sentiment though, two wrongs don't make a right.

Don't worry, realistic is my middle name! Anyway, things with Applejack aren't quite smoothed over fully just yet, and things won't be repaired quite that quickly with some of the other girls (except maybe Fluttershy but one can hardly hold that against me, right?). And consider that the comic only told us Applejack's embarrassing nickname, Fluttershy's inept singing, and Rainbow Dash's badly written science essay. That gives me lots of wiggle room with Rarity and Pinkie, and boy howdy am I gonna have some fun making them suffer 😈. And yeah, you can't wave a magic wand and shoot a rainbow to wipe away someone's traumas like a lot of fics would have you believe. And I do intend to have the recovery arc take place over a sizeable period of time, and not just "they hugged and forgave each other and everything was okay again and they spent Christmas together and it was happily ever after yay friendship" because thATS NOT HOW THAT WORK, TED ANDERSON 😡.

We seem to be in sync in that regard lmao

Sorry but that doesn’t really satisfy my point, aj was quick to believe her without any evidence at a millisecond, she chocked have jsut thought she was trying to take the fall to be a good sprot

I’m intrigued. Keep writing.

Do you have siblings, mister cornholio?

Yes but I still find it suspect she would just believe her out fo the blue like that

Not that suspect if your family is as tight as a stretched out rubber band. I happen to believe my siblings first until they say otherwise. Don't forget that tensions can affect judgement and Applejack wouldn't have a reason to doubt her family.

I guess that depends if Applebloom often lied to her sister


Of course, anyone who viewed the situation with an objective lens would see right through it. The jealous little sister feeling excluded, abandoned, and taken for granted, making a shallow attempt at framing the newly-made “good girl” and making her out to be the no-good dirty rotten lying two-faced secret-blabbing bitch queen she always was and always would be deep down. Twilight Sparkle would see right through it.

Applejack gets up out of her chair and rushes to her now-crying sister’s side, concern etched in the space between her lids and brows.
“Sugar, what's wrong?” She asks. “I ain't seen you this upset since...” she blinked. “Since ma passed...”

“I...” Applejack rubs her hands together. “I kinda expected you to interrupt me, I didn't know what I was gonna say... but, I know that I messed up. Bad. I hurt you, really hurt you. I let the temporary embarrassment of my nickname and those pictures of me blind me to the obvious logical fact that y'all wouldn't do me dirty like that. Or any of us.”

...I wouldn't exactly say it was out of the blue... in Applejack's mind it made a lot more sense that Applebloom would frame Sunset and then be upset from the guilt and shame than for Applebloom to feel bad for The Bitch Queen™ and take the fall for pissing off literally every single other person at CHS. Also, like, chapter two has this bit:

Applejack sighed. “I still can't believe I believed you were her, when all along it was my sister... I shoulda known right from the start. She showed it to me, and then she told me she thought it was you.”
“She did?”
“Mmhmm. I mean for Faust’s sake, the colors were your hair. Only a twelve year old would think that was a clever idea. You’re one of the smartest and most intelligent unicorns in all of Equestria, I... looking back, all of this smelled funnier than a dead clown.”

Which to be fair you wouldn't know because it hadn't happened yet, but regardless, my Applejack's thought process is clearly not your Applejack's thought process but that doesn't make either of us wrong. Frankly I find it bad form that you're asking me why I didn't do it the way you'd have done it and telling me what I should have done instead :/ I mean you're welcome to headcanon Applejack as finding it more likely that Sunset was Anon and Applebloom lying than that Sunset was framed, that's entirely your prerogative, but I really don't appreciate the insinuation that there was no warning when I expressed to the reader that a) it was pointed out to be a bad lie by the person who made the lie, b) Applebloom was as upset as she was when her MOM DIED, and c) Applejack wasn't thinking clearly when she thought Sunset was Anon in the first place. At the risk of sounding like an elitist condescending asshole who can't take criticism, was I just... too subtle? This is a legitimate question, do I need to be more obvious in the text?

I'll admit, Anon-a-Miss is something of a guilty pleasure for me, however ,this seems like a good story so far, and I'll be keeping and eye on it.

Just personally, when characters suddenly go into fuck spree, it takes me out of the scene. Not even the most grizzled mafioso swears that much.

10049280: Then you've never experienced what it means to be truly angry. And I mean truly angry.

I don't know how they be tough nuts to crack as Apple Bloom confessed herself to the entire family so think that be enough.

Hmmm cool but honestly think Fluttershy even worst, a she suppose to be Kindness and never even tried just assumed, only one worst then her is Rainbow in how they handled this.
They fell for the same trick in the end, Will you have that pointed out to them, that be Salt rubbing into the wound.

Speaking of rubbing salt, will Twilight make a appearance and why hasn't she appeared to help sunset in person?
I know she very worried over what happening yet to come in person.
I want Twilight to learn Sunset believes Celestia has forsaken her. And don't blame her. Has Celestia attempted to contact her at all ever....NNNNOOOO!

It's a good story and look forward to how things are handled, i love to see Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna suspend a few students for spreading secrets, and add to the punishment to have the parents informed.

I really do appreciate a story that is well written, and has a lot of details. I can’t wait for more chapters in the future!

Wauw what a start! Can't wait for more! :)

Lol, as if anger is only ever express by turning into a character from a Tarantino movie. It's a far more powerful chapter when you read it without the myriad f bombs.

Great, strong first chapter, keep it up!

“...Ma and pa...” Applejack begins, voice broken. “Would be so disappointed in you.”

Ouch. Not undeserved, but ouch.

“Okay?” She asks. “So, what did you intend to accomplish here? Sorry I fuckin abandoned you when you needed friends the most? Sorry I didn't believe you when you said you wouldn't hurt me? Sorry I threw you away like-” she tears herself away from the embrace. “Like fucking garbage? Well golly fee FUCKING whiz willickers Applejack, apology accepted.” She turns back and points to the door. “Now please get the fuck out of my apartment.”

You tell her, Sunset.

If I asked Sunset how she feels
and her response was:

Like fucking garbage?

I would feel bad that I asked her.
Why did Sunset feel like an undertaker's assistant?

Sunset does sound like my OC arch-nemesis, Oscura Galaxia.

But nonetheless, what a good chapter.
and because of this, here is a follow your hard work.

When will the next chapter be done.

Always nice seeing a new take on AAM!
This first chapter was pretty intense, and yeah, the extreme swearing took me out of the story, it was just over the top). But it was nice seeing Applebloom open up to her family, and to see AJ immediately go to see Sunset, especially considering she had just heard that she's actively suicidal, that's not something to take lightly.
Looking forward to seeing where you take this.


I think Shadow answered Cornholio here better than I could

It's also my guilty pleasure, I'm glad to have found other like minded individuals :3

This is probably the most cryptic comment I've ever gotten on this website, ehehe...

while I can certainly understand where you're coming from, the main point of the profanity usage was to show the state of Sunset's mind by this point in the story. also, though i've never explicitly stated it, Applejack doesn't use profanity and isn't comfortable around it, and everyone does their best to respect that. looking back, there's a lot of chapters of things that have to do with that little aspect of characterization that aren't quite finished or uploaded yet, which is why i'll try to talk about it a bit in the next chapter to make it seem less from out of nowhere.

anger manifests itself in a variety of different ways. but sunset's anger- at least when her mental health is hot garbage- is indeed overflowing with the naughty words she used when she was evil.

i recommend you keep reading ;) *laughs evilly*

ok *cracks knuckles* i'll try to be as spoiler free as i can. 1- given the evidence shown her, fluttershy made the right call- consider that sunset bullied her mercilessly for YEARS- and rainbow was protecting her friends of many years from her "friend" of like a month or so [since in this timeline the holiday special takes place during the winter immediately after the fall formal]. i don't blame anyone but applebloom for creating the situation. which brings me to 2- the mirror's not working at the moment. however since twilight is writing to sunset from her castle, this is in the right immediate vicinity after tirek destroyed the library so she's busy focusing on herself since she's under the impression that if sunset needs her she'll ask for help. if that sounds heartless keep in mind that we're talking about twilight freakin sparkle here. and 3- sunset has thought that since she entered the mirror; she ain't gonna deal with the celestia trauma head-on until she actually goes to Equestria in a few years, during The Dragounbourne Supremacy, a sequel to another fic i've yet to publish lmao. 4- don't worry, i plan to go into all the possibilities what with just how popular this got :3

thanks joker :D

i'm glad to hear that :)

i'm sorry you didn't enjoy the fic because it didn't appeal to your tastes. i don't demand that everyone loves my work, so i sincerely hope that you found something else to read.

thank you for your kind words

ouch indeed. i'm glad that bit didn't seem like too much

10050531 10050545
i'm afraid i don't get the joke but i do appreciate the follow


"the next chapter probably won't come immediately, or this week... or until February... if people do end up caring about this I'll be working on it"

...soon, that's when. probably not the best answer but it's the most truthful.

you're not the first person to mention the swearing. well you're in luck because that's the brunt of it. another aspect i'm going to be using as a metastory is equating sunset's mental and emotional healing with how many naughty words she says, how healed her scabs are, and what the weather outside is, among other things. so i'm glad that you're interested, and hope you enjoy where i take this.

Looking forward for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Ok I'll keep reading.
But tell me when the two that were mention on bing tough nuts to crack..i take they going to be suffering big time in the aftermath?
From the guilty and pain they be feeling afterwards.
Also take it they be the ones that Sunset will have the longest time forgiving, well aside the CMC being number one in the long road to redemption.

So, it's just Apple Bloom? Interesting.

I think is was a comparison

Good start so far.

At the end. I kinda expected Applejack to say that Sunset wasn't staying in that freezing apartment and instead have Applejack take her to the farm where it's warm.

Hope aj steps in front of her and stops her and tells them the real anon a miss confessed

Another amezing chapter, I just want more! ^^ XD

Oh boy dash is gonna make a big mistake here hopefully aj steps in

I think Rainbow needs a good (and fairly painful) slap on the head to bring her back to her senses. Aggros really only respond to one thing after all.

I believe Applejack is just the one for the job.

I think AJ or FS will step in

Dash, she's already dead enough

Comment posted by JCY2k16 deleted Jan 28th, 2020

Ah jeez, here comes Rainbow Dash, about to make a rash decision due to her hot headedness! :facehoof:

She better not hurt Sunset! And I hope she earned a slap on the head by Applejack or Fluttershy! :twilightangry2:

Oh well things are getting tense and wow Sweetie Bell reallys crewed up. But I'm not surprised, with how everyone fell for the Anon A Miss bit so easily can see Sweetie Bell stupidity do that.

“Dude, AJ, is Fluttershy oka-” her eyes zero in on Sunset. She cracks her knuckles and takes a threatening step forward. “Shimmer? You’re dead.”

Sunset: Well, if the car I'd jumped in front of had done its job as I'd wanted...

Rainbow just stop...stop.

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