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The Crazed Werewolf

Lets see where this goes. The stories that i write are the kind of stories i like to read and are the kind of randomness that fills my head. I write primarily for my own satisfaction.


Anon-A-Miss. That's what they called themselves. They had not only destroyed Sunset, but ripped Canterlot High apart in the process...


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So far so good, I'll like to see where this goes

Pretty good start, I look forward to seeing where this goes and what will happen next.

I'm liking this take of yours on A-a-M.
Looking forward to the next chapter and beyond.

And to Rarity I say.........

"For Heaven' sake, girl, READ the damn journal!!! You can apologize to Sunny for the breech of privacy later!!!"

Hoping Sunset just went home, worried she did something a little more permanent.

Sunset's whereabouts will be revealed in time.

Hey man, can you also please check out my Anon A Miss story?.

Very good start! Looking forward for more.

Very interesting start. Definitely not like any others. Can't wait to see what happens. Keep up the great work.

Can’t wait this seems interesting

This is interesting. I hope that the Principal’s will be able to help too

After leaving my review for the first chapter did I get a sudden very bad feeling that something very bad happened to Sunset such as being kidnapped and taken somewhere to be "punished" or worse.

I'm looking forward to finding out where Sunset went to and Rarity convincing Fluttershy that Sunset is innocent. Keep up the awesome work!

damn Anon-a-Miss plot is my favourite,this story seems promising :heart:

Not very many people write Rarity as one of the first to come around, which I always thought was a little strange. She's a bit high strung, yes, but she's also observant, analytical, and not as stubborn as some of the others.

Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Those are the very reasons I decided to make her be the first to come around.

I hope you continue with this it is awesome. I wish I could write half as good as this.

All it takes is practice. How read some of my earlier stories like "A Spoon for a Princess" that one makes me cringe every time I read it and I keep telling myself that I am going to go clean it up, but every time I go to do it, I end up leaving it as is.

You’re an amazing writer as always crazed

Thanks, I write the stories that I want to read, that's all I do.

That’s probably why your stories are so good crazed

Interesting first person to pick to believe that Sunset is innocent.

"ARRRGH!" she yelled in frustration, "this sucks."

I hope everything turns out okay. Good luck on Tuesday!

Fluttershy was just behind her. They knocked on the door but got no response. Rarity then looked in the windows and noticed that all of Sunset's belongings were missing from the apartment.

Uh oh. That is definitely not a good sign. Also, good luck with your surgery Tuesday. :twilightsmile:

It should. They're planning on removing the fistula that they placed in my right arm and putting a new fistula in my left arm.

I hope your surgery goes well for you, I'll be praying that everything goes well for you on Tuesday. :)

With all of Sunset's belongings is never a good sign and I've already got a good hunch of why all her stuff is gone from her apartment.

Good luck on Tuesday, hope everything goes well.

The ending wasn't a good sign, I hope your surgery goes well.




You didn't think that Sunset would be that easy to find?

I should have known better. xD

Doesn't mean it's a good sign.

A moving van... Either Sunset has moved a d the principal knows at lest something about it, or that is all of Sunset's stuff off to storage before it gets sold off at an auction because she didn't keep up with rent.

Seeing as that later normally takes some time, the former is more realistic.

Thanks for the chapter, and good luck on Tuesday!

I really like this story so far. It's not like any of the other anon-a-miss stories I've read. Though I hope that Sunset doesn't forgive her friends so easily and that she is safe.

Ps: good luck for Tuesday!

Here's hoping you will be okay

Great story BTW. Can't wait to see what happens next

Off talk about a cliffhanger xD
Good luck on your surgery! Be safe!

Speedy recovery after your surgery.








I want to say thank you for all the well wishes regarding my upcoming surgery, it really means a lot to me. I hope that I recover quickly and can get back to writing more stories.











Surgery went well, unfortunately I can't lift anything over ten pounds for the next two weeks while my arms recover. But I still would like to thank you all for wishing me well. Hopefully I should have the next chapter for this story and Sirens of the Night: Dream Rise posted soon.

That's very good to hear the surgery went well. :)

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