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Lets see where this goes. The stories that i write are the kind of stories i like to read and are the kind of randomness that fills my head. I write primarily for my own satisfaction.



After the Fall Formal Celestia adopted Sunset Shimmer. Now Luna has the chance to do the same for the Dazzlings.

I would lke to thank PrincessColumbia for writing a revised version of chapter 1. I hope you all enjoy it.

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A story where the dazzling are adopted? Never seen, never heard and sincerely I never had a thing like that ... you definitely caught my attention.

Thanks, the idea just popped into my head. There are a lot of Celestia adopts Sunset fics out there, even I have written one. I was originally going to write a Luna adopts Sunset story, but the idea evolved into this.

Kind of rough in the delivery, but overall an interesting idea. Following this for now to see where things go from here.

Luna's driving a Bitchin Camaro?

As my Wildfire would say, Yuppers!

This has my interest, I look forward to more.

There is more coming. And I think that I have come up with an interesting twist for Nightmare Moon.

Although short, I really enjoyed this chapter. I hope to see as soon as possible what will happen in the next chapters because I'm really appreciating this story.

Stay tuned, the next chapter is on the way. And I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

It's Dazzlings, not Dazxlings.

What classes do you hate for first period? Shouldn't it be have not hate?

Why do I get the impression that soon we will see an Adagio version Shadowbolts? Anyway, very good chapter, this story is pleasing me more and more. I can not wait to know what Adagio has in mind.

P.s: is it a bad thing to hope that in this story the PieNata can be born? You know, together with Sciset, it's my favorite pairing of all time. So when I see a story where there are Pinkie and Sonata I always hope that something is born between them since there are few stories related to them in a romantic relationship.

However still congratulations for the story. I look forward to the next chapter.

I'm glad that you are enjoying it. I haven't given much thought to any shipping in this fic yet, but that is subject to changes

Wanderer D

...I just found this fic. And it has all my yes written all over it. I'll be reading this a bit later after writing, but I'm hyped~! XD

Wanderer D

Heh. Sunset/Aria is one of my secret ships.

It's Mount Aris, not Mount Aria.

Thanks for pointing that out. I actually typed Mount Aris, but I've typed Aria so many times during the story that Auto-Correct changed it.

It's no trouble. I get that. I've typed the name "Wildfire" so much that it's muscle memory now. Despite that MASSIVE error though that almost stopped me reading ( :raritywink: ) I like this story.

I'm glad that you like this story. I am enjoying writing it.

That's 9 / 10's of the battle right there, enjoying what you do.

Luna x Raven? I say yes. I want to see where this ship arrives.

keep it up so you're doing great. I can not wait to read the next chapters!

because I have the strange feeling that now it will end in blood and tears? Good chapter anyway, I can not wait to see what will happen now.

Not in a literal sense of course. But already because of the turn that the speech between Adagio and the group of Crystal Prep is taking, I do not think it will end with kisses and hugs. I meant this.

great job as always. I'm always enjoying this story and this chapter starring Pinkie and Sonata I loved it a lot (of course, it's my favorite ship even if they're not engaged). I can not wait to read the next chapters!

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying this story. I had a to of fun writing chapter.

"Ok Miss Luna, we'll come with you," Adagio said, "at least for tonight. But what is in it for us?"

"I have cookies," Luna answered

Yes... Come to the Dark Side, we do indeed have Cookies. And Sith Lighting.

... Mostly the Sith Lighting.

"Ok Miss Luna, we'll come with you," Adagio said, "at least for tonight. But what is in it for us?"

Personally I would think the sirens (mostly Adagio) to be way to pridefull to falter so quickly. Even if they live in such a shitty situation.

Who said Adagio has given yet, they only promised to stay one night.

Ever heard of a possum name Tiberius?


yes it ha slipped my mind when I wrote this

Honestly, I have no clue how long this story is going to be.

it's the same thing for me too with my story. but in a certain sense it can be a positive thing: you can put together many ideas to make the story more beautiful or compelling. However, excellent chapter. I can not wait to read the next one

Thank you for your comments. It makes me happy that there are people who are enjoying reading This story as much as I am enjoying writing it.

"Ok Miss Luna, we'll come with you," Adagio said, "at least for tonight. But what is in it for us?"

Well, if you had been listening, Adagio, you'd know that you would be getting a nice, hot shower and a meal.

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