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Formerly know as Trader_Jack. Just an MLP fan from Middle TN with stories in my head.



My name is Jack Diamond. My family just moved to Ponyville because of my dad's new job. I'm now starting my junior year at Canterlot High School, having to make new friends, trying to pass my classes, maybe get a girlfriend, the usual stuff.

But CHS is not your average school. With every unexpected thing that can happen there, I'm going to need some help from Twilight and her friends to make it through.

The only catch is that I'm not some average student, but a student with a special 'gift' that no one knows. I'm still learning how it works because I learn something new about my 'gift', and maybe my time here could help me with that...if I can survive.

This is placed in an alternate Equestria Girls world, without the pony world that appears in the movies.
(1st person POV)

Cover art done by MaddyMoiselle

Part of the Equestria World saga.
Book 1: Surviving Canterlot High
Book 2: The Rise of Harmony
Book 3: The Secret of Camp Everfree
Book 4: Battle of the Sirens
Book 5: The Thousand Year War

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Dude, losing your mother like that must be very sad. :fluttercry:

Keep going im really enjoying this.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :pinkiehappy: im so glad that you post every day :heart: unlike a lot of other people who post every month :twilightangry2:

6431081 I have, like, what would cover two years in this world, and just need to get it out of my head. And I plan to divide it into maybe 6 to 7 books.

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You uploaded this at the right time! i just finished a different story. :pinkiesmile: I wish that it was a bit longer but it doesnt matter to much!

6442185 Well, it's my first time doing this, so I'm learning as I go. But thanks, anyway.

6410706 Just so you know, I still remember the date she pass away: May 3, 1990.

It's important to help in the fight against cancer, but also the fight against bullying.

a few spelling errors and are they in lllllllllloooooooooOOOOooovvvvvvveeeeeee :pinkiecrazy:

6513919 Good eye on the errors. Need to get MS Word updated on spell check if I can.

As for the other part. SPOILERS

I suppose it's sometimes great to be a semi-insensitive guy who gets uncomfortable at the first signs of someone talking about their hardships...

I had to skim most of the cancer section of this since it was awkward. The most I read was that the guys mom had cancer 13 years...

Anyways you have my condolences.

Although if your worried about birth defects I know about that. Your reading text from a guy who was born with his eyes rolled into the back of his head...

Anyways. Again you have my condolences. At least you grew up with your real parents... I don't even know the bastard of a guy who planted his seed in my mother

Jack is a good character, but definitely the kind of person I would avoid in my life. Seems like he gets into everyone's business. That being said, he's still a great character for this great story.

This is really good I look forward to your future chapters.

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Sunset is a Tsundere! this will be interesting!! :raritystarry:

Are Iron Will and Iron Bull the same person?

Comment posted by Gear Works deleted Nov 23rd, 2015

6662319 Thanks for catching it. Now it's fixed.

I had Iron Bull go through my head after getting hooked on Dragon Age 3, before I saw what his name was on the show.

6662443 What would you expect from two of the smartest students in the school. LOL.

Pony Twilight had to be creative when making the mirror work without the 30 moons limitations. And Sci-Twi created those magic sensing devices. I figure "Let's try something like that." in the story.

Aw man it's gonna be one of those feel chapters when Jack has to choose isn't it?

Alright things are starting to get good. Great chapter and great end to this arc looking forward to whats next.

This Story need a OP...dadadadadadadadadada....

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I'm not going to sound like a broken record and repeat what their saying, so i'm just going to say slow down a bit, but ill bet you wanted this one to end this way.

p,s good job so far.

6781212 That's because Chrysalis was too easy for Jack. But he's going to need a lot more if he wants to take care of the bigger issue.

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Comment posted by Gear Works deleted Jan 18th, 2016

If only there was a part at the dinner table but it was still good.:twistnerd:

6804923 I never really thought about it, but I think Jack's mother and Sunset's mother would be talking while Jack and Sunset went back up to continue on the project, which leads to having Sunset stay at Jack's place for the week. If you were to think about it from earlier chapters, it would be hard to talk about each other when some people are dealing with their scars. Downside to having to write from first person POV.

This first I had doubts about this story big ones at that. But there slowly starting to fade this story is becoming complex intricate and compelling. Every chapter this story gets better and better. Keep up the great work I'll be watching.

6847792 Thanks, I guess.

When did you first had your doubts?

6847848 when that felling he had turned in to the soul arts.

I have never been into martial arts or eastern teachings, but your story is very fascinating and entertaining. I am looking forward to more.:twilightsmile:

6869914 If you ever played games like Final Fantasy, That's where they got the names of the two katanas. Masamune has been the popular, but it's nice to learn and it had, what could be its rival.

And I had to rack my brain to create the rest of the first ten arts. As for martial arts, I had to do a bit of looking up to get some kind of idea as to who would know what.

6971490 Yep. The second book with be from a 3rd person P.O.V. Plus it will need new tags, since it's now a new mission that the group will have to face.

This one is how Jack meets his new friends and learns about his gift more. The next book will take the story to another level.

Thank you for the matrix reference. Thank you.

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