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Hey, I'm Sahan, aka Cpt.Leo. I really like reading these stories, especially crossovers. And, I'm kinnda new here so go easy on me. Also looking forward to upload stories in the future.


When Sunset was hit by the rainbow, she lost everything. She had no friends, no family or at least a descent place to call her own. But when all seemed lost, she not only found someone that care about her like a mother, but also someone very special.

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Comments ( 10 )

Well good luck I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes ๐Ÿ‘

Congrats on your first story! This seems like itโ€™s off to a good start. I look forward to seeing more!

I am defiantly looking forward to more if you need or want to share story ideas let me know.

This certainly is interesting! I think it's one fic I would out on the Funhouse Bookshelf! I can't wait to see more though.

Good luck. I like this and am looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Can't wait to see how this story goes

Aww, poor Sunset. I kind of am angry at Dash for not even letting Sunset talk. Though it is just like her to do that, unfortunately. Looking forward to another update!


Also, I can see Sunset actively trying to avoid everyone after this incident

It seems Rainbow here, is a bit of a bad person. And that simply is a bad thing for a person to be. Sunset is just trying to have a job and then Rainbow comes in making wild accusations.

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