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This story is a sequel to Scars of Our Past

Sunset Shimmer has been through a lot but it seems that things have finally got back to some form of normalcy. However, the next chapter in her life is about to begin. Sunset unlocks a part of her past and questions everything she thought she knew about herself. Family, Friendship, magic and maybe a bit of romance is in store for Sunset and her friends and it all starts with the dreaded Friendship games.

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It is wonderfull to see a continuation of Scars, and the image of Celestia on a bike is hilarious to me :pinkiehappy:

Glad to finally be able to read the sequel to Scars! I loved the first one, and I'm sure I'll love the sequel! :heart::twilightsmile:

Great start, can't wait to read the rest

This is really good excited to see where it goes in future chapters.

You made it.

The sequel is finally here ;;;3;;;

I'm so glad for you, because I know how much this means to you.
The fact that you must have worked so hard to pull this out for us, makes me never being able to repay you enough since this and writing your amazing "Scars of our Past".

As before, I'm proud to witness and read the 1st chapter of this story, as I did for Scars.

I will enjoy each and every chapter, and waiting for them will be worth it, as I remember for Scars.

Thank you so much, you're still one of my favourite writers and you're fueling my Feed now.


β€œThe fact that Chrysalis was one that taught you how to ride a motorcycle makes me nervous.”
- [...] was >>the<< one that [...].
Not that I'm rude or anything ;)

Sunset chuckles, β€œIt’s OK, Celestia, I’ll be fine.”
- Not Mom tho?

Just remember that I am not on a post schedule due to the fact I only have another 7 chapters finished. I'll still only post once a week but some weeks may not have chapters until further notice. I;m still going to try to stock pile it.
- Now that people are aware you won't be "harassed" (didn't happen during Scars?). I will wait every chapter, each hyping me for the next.

The current cover art is temporary until I finish the real one so hold tight!
- Can't wait to see both!

In other news I am officially a film student!
- Again, congratulations!

Well, enjoy the story!
- πŸ’›β€

Here's to another good run. 🍺🍻

YES YES YES YES YES YES:pinkiehappy: I can't wait to read this soon to be classic.

this feels likes talking to an old friend I haven't seen in years and us getting right in step with our old banter, 10/10 great writing

Thank you! And I REALLY Hope I can do the next bit right. I need to do the Friendship games but I'm nervous of how it will read

Just wandering what chapter sunset gets the crap beaten out of her so I can prepare myself.

Haven't written it yet so it will be a surprise!

When does that happen in Friendship Games?

Ok now I'm confused. What exactly do you mean? Are you referring to one of those shorts that are set before the actual movie?

When exactly does Sunset get hurt? Are you referring to a scene in the movie or something else?

no in a blog they say that in a later chapter they are gonna have someone beat the crap out of sunset it doesn't happen in the movie or short it's their own idea. i was just wondering which one so i could prepare myself for it.

Oh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

Out of curiosity, is this story going to bring up any of the stuff that's set between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games?

Is this a Sciset/Sunlight romance? If so because I love the ship!! It might be the ship started in the Friendship Games. I hope to see a new chapter in couple of weeks

I can imagine things going different than the movie at this point.

This story is a hit so far as far as I am concerned. I wonder if Chrysalis and Cinch will meet.

Wooo, can't leave me hangin' like that mate

oh damn das not good. this story is great though can't wait to see the next chapter.

Three chapters in one day, take it easy.

This is pretty BORING.
I get ti focused on some characters but come on! Expand a little, put something on Sci Twi or anyone but make the story actually interesting.
This si so fast paced and so.....

What if she tires something


This was good and I was so excited to see a chapter two days after the last ones

Personally, I would've love to have seen Sunset tear into Cinch for her actions.

9774063 You could do that for the next chapter or edit your current one to that.

this is a nice chapter but was hoping you would done things differently.
but you followed it pretty much to the exact same thing...again.
The last chapter was better but you went back to super boring unoriginal material again.

Honestly I was trying but I had trouble introducing Twilight with the same concepts of the friendship games. This was always meant to be an "In between" story so I was finding it difficult to stray from the main plot if the friendship games. I wanted Sunset's thoughts on what was happening and Celestia's reactions.

While writing that late comment, I actually got an idea...and it won't disrupt the chapter 7 on save for the chapter numbering....
Oh and I really do appreciate your comments. They make me think and I like that. A lot of people are afraid to be harsh but I appreciate the criticism so long as its productive.

I am sorry thou if it came out harsh. I do like the chapter and Sunset's inner thoughts, and do get why it was written the way it was.
But just felt could been better or more.

Still glad you are going beyond the third movie, and maybe going in between the length of time that occurs between the other movie.
Thou hope the pairing is different..hint hint.

Noe the pairing I'm not changing sorry.

Simple, but gets the job done. I presume that with the setup done, things are going to start deviating from the canon a bit more?

That was great I love this story im glad you had sunset apologize to twi

This is an awesome story, just one question are you going to put something about sci-twi family especially the reaction of why spike talks.:twilightsmile:

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