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Leo Luce

Hey, I'm Sahan, aka Leo Luce. I really like reading these stories, especially crossovers. I'm a huge Sunset and Sunshyne fan if you can't already tell from my stories.


You Will Never be Alone : 7 Part Harmony - Sequel · 2:55pm Jun 18th, 2021

Hello guys. First of all, thank you all for reading my stories and supporting me. And I like to thank Moonrise again for helping me because if it's not for him, my stories will be very boring to read.

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You Will Never be Alone Ending · 4:07am Jan 28th, 2021

Hello guys, I have something to tell you about my story You Will Never be Alone. I decided to end it.:ajsleepy:

And continue it as a sequel.:pinkiehappy:

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You May Never be Alone Update. · 4:54pm Jul 9th, 2020

Hey guys! Good news.
I'm back home and I'm a lot better now. The chapter's halfway done and I'll be uploading it in a couple days. Thanks for all you support.

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You May Never be Alone Update. · 2:42pm Jun 27th, 2020

Hey guys! I... uh... I have some bad news to tell about my story- but don't worry, I'm not going to abandon this. I'm just going through some hard times here.

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