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Leo Luce

Hey, I'm Sahan, aka Leo Luce. I really like reading these stories, especially crossovers. I'm a huge Sunset and Sunshyne fan if you can't already tell from my stories.

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This story is a sequel to You Will Never be Alone : 7 Part Harmony

As I said before, this is NOT an Anon-a-miss story.

A mysterious forum, forgotten in time has suddenly been reappearing after 15 years. At first, what seemed like a normal forum dedicated to club activities, seems to be hiding much darker secrets as the forum was able to bring untold horrors into reality. Now it's up to the girls and a new student at CHS to solve the mysteries of the forum, before it can hurt anyone, and close the forum, once and for all.

This is a direct sequel to my previous story "7 Part Harmony", and also a crossover with a horror visual novel I found on the Play Store called "Mysterious Forum and the 7 Rumors". You don't have to read that novel before reading this unless of course if you wish to read that in the future as this will contain spoilers for that novel. Also, I never wrote horror stories before so bear with me.

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This story is a sequel to You Will Never Be Alone

After the Fall Formal, Sunset found the one thing she always wanted. A family. She got a loving mother, a great aunt, a sweet little sister, and the kindest soul in the world, who is her girlfriend. But her journey is not over yet. Let's see, where her destiny will bring her while finding out some secrets of the elements of harmony, that no one knew before.

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When Sunset was hit by the rainbow, she lost everything. She had no friends, no family, or at least a decent place to call her own. But when all seemed lost, she not only found someone that cares about her like a mother but also someone very special.

Written by: Cpt. Leo
Edited by: Moonriseoversunset

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