• Published 22nd May 2020
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You Will Never Be Alone - Leo Luce

When Sunset was hit by the rainbow, she lost everything. She had no friends, no family or at least a descent place to call her own. But when all seems lost, she not only found someone that care about her like a mother, but also someone very special.

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Chapter 01 (Edited by: Moonriseoversunset)

A cold wind blew past a large pile of debris, which once was the entrance of the Canterlot High School. A lonely girl, with bruises and a tattered jacket, was shoveling the rubble. As the wind brushed up against her, she shivered, trying to chase off the wind's piercing coldness.

Everything was going according to the plan. She finally got the crown. She finally gained the ultimate power she always wanted. She could finally prove to her former mentor, that she is worthy of the power that she denied to give her. But as soon as she put the crown on her head, she realized that something went wrong. She thought that when she put the crown on her head, it would simply give her the power she wanted.

But along with the power it gave her something she wasn't expecting, it gave her blinding pain. It felt like she was being torn apart from the inside. Then, she turned into a being that she never wanted to be. She turned into a she-demon. With red skin, claws, and bat-like wings, she turned into a nightmarish creature.

But that was not the end. When the transformation ran its course, she realized she had no control over her body. It felt like she was trapped inside someone else's body, forced to do whatever it wanted. All she could do was watch, helplessly, while events spiraled out her control. She felt like a doll on a string unable to break from the control of her puppeteer.

Fortunately, before she did something that she'd regret for the rest of her life, those six girls were able to stop her. They change her back into a human, gave back her will, by blasting her with a rainbow laser, powered by the magic of friendship. Now, the very same girl was moving all the wreckage she made by destroying half of the school entrance when she turned into a she-demon.

It'd been almost an hour after the school dance came to a close. Her two accomplices had already snuck off, leaving her to tend to their punishment on her lonesome. Sunset also had the chance to run with them, but she decided against it, seeing no reason to cause further trouble.

"Sunset, what are you doing here? The dance is already over." A voice said from behind. Startled, Sunset jumped at the sudden voice, dropping the shovel in the process. She turned around and saw Principal Celestia standing before her. But instead of angry, hateful eyes, she was expecting to see from Principal Celestia, all she saw was concerned eyes.

"Oh.. P-Principal C-Celestia? Uh..um V-vice-Principal Luna t-told me t-to clear all t-this a-away." She answered.

"Yes, I know, but Snips and Snails already left, why didn't you leave with them?" Celestia asked.

"W-well, V-vice-Principal Luna didn't t-tell me to l-leave yet, s-so I thought it b-better to s-stay."

"Well, you can go now. You have already done enough," Celestia said with slight concern.

"Uh... T-t-thank you, Principal C-Celestia." Sunset stammered, before turning to leave the school.

"Do you have a ride? I can give you one if you'd like," Celestia asked, clearly seeing the exhaustion hanging from her eyes.

Sunset thought this for a moment. She never told anyone where she lived. No one knew about her living arrangement. Sunset was determined to keep it that way, even if she was exhausted and wanted a ride to her house. In the end, she ultimately chose to decline the offer. Deciding it better that no one know where she lived.

"N-no, I'm okay. I can make it a-alone." She finally replied.

"Are you sure, Sunset? It's pretty late," Celestia asked concern bleeding into her words.

"Y-yeah, it's not that far anyway," Sunset stretched, hoping that Principal Celestia will let her go without more questions.

"If you are sure," Celestia said. She then brought out a small notepad from her jacket and began writing something. After finishing, she tore the page from the pad and gave it to Sunset. "Here's my number. If you need anything, and I mean anything, please call me." Celestia didn't know why, but Sunset was worrying her in a way she couldn't comprehend.

Sunset, on the other hand, was surprised by this. The one person who should be the angriest with her asked her if she wanted a ride home and now gave her her number out of genuine concern. Sunset destroyed half the school's front entrance, but all Sunset could see from Principal Celestia was concern. Sunset was baffled as she carefully grabbed the paper and slipped it into her jacket.

"T-thanks," She said before turning to leave. Celestia watched her for a few seconds before walking to the school parking lot.

After what felt like an eternity, Sunset finally got to her home. Or at least what she called home. It was an abandoned building on the far side of the city. For someone who controlled a school as a queen bee for two and a half years, she didn't have much. All she had to her name was just some clothes, an old mattress, a mini-fridge, and an old guitar. She had found a large wooden box now used as a table. It wasn't much, but she had a place with running water and a place to sleep.

Drained, that's what Sunset was. Mentally, physically, and emotionally done with the day. As soon as she entered her home, she made a beeline to the mattress and plopped onto it. She brought the blanket over her and slowly let the walls drop. At first, it was just some tears, but soon she began to cry. She cried until she finally cried herself to sleep.

Principal Celestia walked to the front door of her house after she left school. After everything that happened at the school, she needed a good night's sleep. However, after she left school, all she could think about was Sunset Shimmer. The Sunset Shimmer she knew was a hot-tempered, arrogant girl with a stubborn streak as wide as Luna's. Yet the Sunset Shimmer she met not long ago was no longer that girl. She was a scared, meek girl with guilt-filled eyes. The way she acted when the conversation went towards her home and the fact she looked like she could drop any second made her worry even more. For now, though, she needed rest. Everything that happened today took a lot out of her. She made her way to her room, calling it for the night. All the while, thinking of talking with Sunset as soon as possible.

Author's Note:

The first chapter is done. So, this is my first story on Fimfiction and I decided it to be a Momlestia story because I love stories where Principal Celestia adopts Sunset Shimmer. Hope you enjoy this and R&R.

Cpt. Leo, out.