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I'm a Sonic fan (obviously) who is also a fan of this show. ...not much else to say.

"Since When?" Series


Equestria Girls: Sonic the Hedgehog Sequel - OUT NOW! · 11:59pm Apr 8th, 2023

Hey, every pony! :twilightsmile:

Whelp, it's been a long time coming, but I'm finally done with the first two chapters of my new story. And they're all set especially for today, which is the first anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie debut in theaters. How perfect is that? :pinkiehappy:

But unfortunately, just about a week ago, my computer (which was over six years old) broke down on me, which means that the next new chapter of the story will come to a halt.

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I imagine Knuckles pitting Spike against Derpy in a mock-up gladiator match and the girls are like "No. Just no.".

I think the writer said that the Anon a Miss comic isn't canon to the Equestria Girls/Sonic story since the canon series itself indicated that comic wasn't canon so I don't think the Anon a Miss incident is something that'll be mentioned if the author decides to adapt the Knuckles series.

Applejack: I'm excited to see the Knuckles series.

I saw! And I'm really excited to see it! :pinkiehappy:

I'm still thinking about it, but that sounds like an interesting idea. However, if I were to decide, my idea plot of the Knuckles series will be slightly different from yours.

Again, I haven't decided if I'm adapting my own version of the show yet, so don't hold your breath.

Hey, if you decide to eventually adapt the series, I have a few ideas. Like Applejack and Apple Bloom join in his journey with Zephyr. And Knuckles trains Apple Bloom along with Zephyr. Applejack of course refuses, until Knuckles points out that she can't always protect her, so she must learn to protect herself. Apple Bloom also reminds her about Robotnick holding them hostage and dropping them off the building.

Knuckles sees potential in Apple Bloom since she helped Sonic find the Master Emerald. And Apple Bloom confides in Knuckles that Applejack still hasn't quite forgiven her for both the school fire and the Anon O Miss incident. The journey can help the two sisters grow closer.

And as for the two who Knuckles fights, maybe it can be Rolling Thunder and Short Fuse.

  • Viewing 782 - 786 of 786
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