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Soon! · 2:11am February 16th

I think I've used that blog title three or four times now.

Anyway! New chapter of Spectacular Seven is almost done! I was hoping it would be done this week so I could post it on Saturday, but I need to rewrite a scene. And that's before I edit it! And before Drakey edits it! The good news is...

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No, you’re awesome!

Thank you though!

stopping by to let you know you're awesome!

And it's all fair.
Because it has millions of views doesn't mean everyone loves or has to love it. Doesn't mean the genre is inherently bad either (a lot of people are complaining about it but I don't really care, as long as I enjoy something that's all I need).

It's even part of Gooseworx "Four signs" rule : https://twitter.com/GooseworxMusic/status/1716225019297304882

I also get that you'd rather wait for Hazbin Hotel to get a full release on Amazon Prime.
Glad VivziePop finally got acknowledged.

I have not seen the actual thing. Whatever the ring master is does not jive with me. From what I read, the black comedy/nihilistic tone also aren’t my cup of tea. I’m glad to see more indie products though. A lot of the recent ones just aren’t too interesting for me. Waiting for Hazbin Hotel to finally get a full release before making a judgment on it

Any thoughts on The Amazing Digital Circus?


Just like Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, got it's own fandom in no time, related art is everywhere, millions of views merely days after the release and is widely appreciated.
Another top-notch indie animation work and the VA are or course nailing it.

I think that's a general issue since I'm also experiencing this, no matter if it's comments under a story or a blog.

What's strange is that it doesn't show everyone downliking anyone's comment, otherwise we'd see tens of thousands of downlikes.
It only shows for the account logged in, not for others.

Guess FIMF is having some trouble, along with pictures or from embedded links not being displayed correctly (red box error).

Huh, that is strange. But, that’s one mystery solved!

Thank you! I’m always happy when my stories improve someone’s day’

Random but why did I down like all of people's replies, I swear I didn't do it or this is a bug? (I'm going to retract it rn)

Anyways Albi, I really love your work. Was finding something new to read but decided to drop by and say thank you for your stories. It really makes my day, I don't really know what to do with my free time other than reading so I really do appreciate you and what you do!

Comment posted by Crimson Shade deleted Aug 10th, 2023

I Seth Standmore am Please to see that The Albinauric is continuing the job of writing and making and Shimmering to the Sunset. DON'T GIVE UP ALBINAURIC THE SPIRIT OF I AND MY GRANDFATHER ROY STANDMORE SHALL STAND MORE WITH YOU.

  • Viewing 794 - 803 of 803
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