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Raven is the #1 ranked fic on FimFiction! · 5:59pm Mar 24th, 2016

For posterity: http://i.imgur.com/J0Lv6c9.png

This can end at any point with another downvote or two—probably before the end of the day. But regardless, I'm incredibly honored and happy! Thanks to everyone who gave it a thumbs-up and spread it around!

EDIT: Well, it was nice while it lasted. It got a third downvote and was knocked to #51. But I'm proud to have made it to #1 at all!

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All hail our choco overlords!

You sem to have a a good grasp on pony positions. Maybe grapple is a better word for it.:applejackconfused:

Just wanted to take a moment and truly thank you for sharing Raven with all of us. I can say that when the days come that I look fondly back on my times here with fimfiction, it will be a cornerstone of what this writing community truly exemplifies.

"Raven" was an incredibly touching story! :fluttercry: so sad ,yet so happy :raritycry:

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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