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1811812 Oh, wow, um, :yay:

Thanks a lot!

1810764 hey, just wanted to tell you a little story, maybe give you a little spring in your step.

I got into MLP during 2013 in between S3 and EQG while i was deployed. After watching all of S3 in my bunk i asked my friend who introduced me to it if there was anything else, he pointed me to this site. At that point i didn't know what a fan fiction was nor had i seen anything inside the fandom, so no theories, no fan works, and shipping was also unknown to me. So with a fresh eye and mind straight from S3 i came to this site and saw your story "Deep" in the front page.

Its the greatest compliment i can give you to say that to someone such as myself who was a complete blank slate with only the information of the show up to that point and no outside influence that i believed your story was actually an extension of the show. Again i didn't know what fan fiction was. It was very well written. Everything made sense and felt genuine right down to the OC pony names which even now having read a ton of fics still sound better than most of them and like something we could actually see in the show.

And though canon hasn't allowed your story to age as nicely as i'd hope, it still holds a special place for me and the main gist of it forever in my fanon. So it just occured to me recently "hey whatever happened to that story i read a while back". I google'd it and added it to my favorites list where it should be. So naturally i had to follow you as well. Not a fan of your other works sadly, the premises seem to be too far on my left feel for my tastes, but i look forward to reading any of your future works in the same spirit as Deep.

In any case, I'm glad it made its way to your bookshelf. I've always appreciated you support.:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 40 - 44 of 44
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