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Grasshopper Keller

Just a Colorado brony who makes some good stories. Celestia and Pinkie Pie are best ponies!

About Me....

Name: Caden Joseph Keller.

D.O.B.: 09/17/1989.

Favorite MLP:Fim Characters: Princess Celestia, Pinkie Pie & Maud Pie.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Goal: Make some really good stories involving the characters from MLP: FiM and some OC's.

Hobbies: Singing (karaoke), reading, writing, taking long walks anywhere, watching movies and TV.

Favorite Food/Drinks: Beer, guacamole, bacon, pizza, tacos, Pepsi, chicken wings, Irish whiskey.

Latest Stories


Welcome. · 7:44am Feb 12th, 2016

Hello to all that have come to this channel. I am Grasshopper Keller, and this is my channel. As you may have noticed, I'm only about half way to making twenty stories on my channel while this is the blog that you see on my page. And I am definitely sure that all of you have noticed by now that I make 'M' rated stories. There's nothing wrong with the stories that have 'Everyone' and 'Teen' ratings, no question about it. But, I still believe that writing naughty stories is a little better for

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It's a touchy subject if I ask what happened to royal elites?

Yo! This is Grasshopper Keller! I'm using my real name! Anyone wants to follow me on this site, better check out my new page! Love y'all!

Hey, we meet again. :yay:

Thanks for faving More Than Friends. :twilightsmile:

2290897 Well... you just so happen to have made quite a series of stories! And I love them!

Plus, the both of us suffer from depression.... but you're more optimistic than I am, so... yeah.

Thanks for the follow! May I ask how I earned it, or what caught your attention?

Thanks for faving Summer Date. :yay:

You know, that story was inspired by yours.

thanks for the fav:duck:

2253465 *catches cookies and eats them* Om-nomnomnomnom! Thanks!

your a good person and you should feel good (throws cookies)

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