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Not dead..... · 7:01pm March 5th

Just the "I'm still lurking here' post. Still doing some art. Here's my latest work in progress (though its non-pony):

A big salute to you if you know who that is :coolphoto:

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Oops. Forgot about this in all the crazy... *tapdances off-screen* Seriously though; I'm doing great!

Busy as always but still doing good. How bout you?

I return! Long hiatus, over! How've you been?

2590820 Thank you for taking the time to answer my survey! You rule! :twilightsmile:

Doing good so far. At least i’m done with all my medical, license, and other exam checks and passed em all with flying colors. Just a little pissed that there seems to be no good games being released for the xbox yet. Now for your questions...

-Hotdog: both ketchup and mustard. Burger is ketchup only
-Work is ok and I do get enough sleep. I would gladly pay for a nice drive or flight around some of the best scenic areas though.
-I’m a night owl
-Fave season is winter
-As for the mech, I love the battletech/mechwarrior universe, and i would gladly choose the one from the matrix. Autocannons all the way! dakkadakkadakkadakkadakkadakkadakka!!!!

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