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The best seats in the house · 7:28pm January 4th

Happy new year folks!

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Nice profile. It looks sooo familiar. Teehee :trollestia:

Thank you for the watch!


I'd be a very poor assassin if people can see a floating gun in the air so I'll take the monster form.

Probably going to do it like Etrigan from DC comics and say something while I transform too:

Gone, Gone the form of man, behold the demon Etrigan... And when transforming back: gone the demon Etrigan, behold between my legs, a mighty one! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

2411931 The invisibility does not make a sound when activated and the monster ability lasts for around 8-12 hours. Stuff you are wearing becomes invisible, but not what you're holding.


How long does the monster ability last? That would be a good pick if you can make it last as long as you want. What about invisibility? Can you make everything in your immediate surrounding vanish (what you're wearing, holding etc)? That would be a good pick as well for killing attempts..

As for the tootsie pop, I just pop it in me mouth and only take it out once am done

  • Viewing 52 - 56 of 56
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