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I'm a simple artist and with that being said, I'm basically an amateur.

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Fun Facts About Me

I am not a writer.
1) I'm a terrible writer
2) I'm more of a bookworm
3) I love to draw
4) Still a newbie artist, but I'll get better at it.
5) I like to sketch better than doing lineart.
6) I apparently have a knack for digital painting.
7) I still like to just physically draw in my sketch sketchbook, no wireless stylus, no touchscreen drawing tablet, just me some music, lots of paper, and a mechanical pencil/pen (#2 pencils are dead to me.)

Places to find me
DeviantArt - DeviantArt Page
Tumblr - Main Blog or Art Blog
Twitter - @FairyRave_
Archive of Our Own - Ao3 Page
Fanfiction - ff.net Page


Thoughts from an Exhausted Fey · 4:30pm May 12th, 2017

As most of you guys could tell, its been awhile and I hadn't been as active as I have been in the past. Well, we all know how real life would effect what we enjoy over the long run. However, there's that point where you finally have time to relax, like the weight you don't really feel until it had finally lifted off your shoulders.

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Sketchy Fae



Ready As I’ll Ever Be (Storyboard Video) · 4:39am May 28th, 2018

Since I’m making this a video anyways, here’s the storyboard synced with the audio.


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Stuff About Me

Well, I'm self-taught artist who I usually practice mimicking other art styles till I add my own style to it or feel comfortable that I could add my own style. I'm not that good of a artist that I want to put my art as a wallpaper yet, but I think I'm getting there.

I prefer to watch various shows obviously MLP FIM, but also Fairy Tail, Gravity Falls, Doctor Who, Elementary, Sherlock, Danny Phantom, and ect. Currently my favorite show is Miraculous Ladybug. I love to play a online game called Transformice sometimes and Clash of Clans.

Purple is my favorite color.
•Watching good shows with story.
•I rather sketch then line my sketches.
•I love to read any stories that has a story. (Published books like the Divergent series, the Confessions series, and ect, or any good fanfics likes Fallout Equestria)
•Listen to music while I work or do anything.

•I despised any insects in my home, especially ants. (Thought I fascinated about them outside)
•(I don't really dislike a lot of things so this list is extremely short)

I take my time on commissions to make wonderful art.

My Art:

My Art & Sketches

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Heyo, Brickbrock24! I just noticed your other survey which I have no recollection of seeing in my comments section. If you’re still doing this, I can answer them for you now if you would like.

- On either hotdog or hamburger, I prefer ketchup
- Probably $20
- Night Owl
- Winter
- Metal Face Mechon Suit

Hello, FairyRave! Remember me? Got time for another random survey? If so, then splendid! Answer the follow questions below.

-On a hot dog or hamburger, do you prefer ketchup, mustard, or both?

-I don’t know anything about your personal life, but I assume you are always on a tight and exhausting schedule that leaves you feeling stressfully tired. With that in mind, how much would you be willing to pay for an extra hour of sleep in the morning?

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

-What is your favorite season?

-Congratulations! It’s your birthday! Even if it isn’t, I’m still going to give you a present in the form of a giant mech suit! Which one would you like?

Death Egg Robot (Sonic the Hedgehog): Want a mech suit with a charming cartoony style? Then look no further than the Death Egg Robot. The Death Egg Robot is a large mech suit that comes with the ability to fly along with rotating drill-like claws that can be launched. Comes with the option for lasers and can take some punishment, though its ground speed is a bit slow.

Metal Face Mechon Suit (Xenoblade Chronicles): Want something really cool that will intimidate your enemies? A bit of a tight fit, but this mech suit has ultra smooth and precise controls, and is very powerful. The Metal Face Mechon Suit comes with strong and sharp claw hands, a powerful laser cannon, is capable of long distance flight, and is made of extremely strong and durable metal. Also comes with a cool voice.

Megazord (Power Rangers): Do you have friends and want something to do together with them? Then this is the mech suit for you. This Megazord is made of several different robots that is completely customizable with all sorts of looks, styles, and weapons. Not to mention it’s huge! Requires multiple people to operate, as well as effective teamwork, coordination, and communication.

Armored Personnel Unit (The Matrix): While it may not protect the person controlling the mech suit, this Armored Personnel Unit is perfect for those who are very gun-happy and favor smooth controls.

Who says I would be obvious about it? It would also be the perfect skill to have for pranks, all things considering.

2412249 Interesting. You'll be flying, yet you'll look ridiculous in public. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for taking my survey! You are awesomeness incarnate! :twilightsmile:

Between the ability to turn invisible, but only for 10 seconds at a time and ability to fly like Superman, but only 2 feet off the ground. I would have to say flying. At least I don't have to walk everywhere. :derpytongue2:

320ish I guess, though I usually just suck on it rather than lick. I honestly never tested it out myself.

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