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Not really big on fanfic writing, but when I'm in the mood I'll jot something down from time to time. I'd much rather frequent sites like YouTube, DeviantArt, and Facebook

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Sorry mate. Internet troubles yesterday. Will send you the new version right now. :)

Hey! Where’s the Edric pic with the fixed nameplate border?

Rather slowly. I'm still hand-sketching pieces for the animation. I'll make a start on the actual animation when we enter February. I may do a few comic dubs before then to act as temporary filler content on my channel. Still, it's progress. Better than making none, right?

I blame the cold weather here if I am being honest. I never did work well under low temperature conditions. XD

By the way, because I keep jumping between your commission and my personal affairs, your request is nearly finished. I just have to do the background and add the name plate, and it's good to go. I think I've done alright with this one considering I've been out of it for a while. Hope you'll like it. I'll finish it off for you tomorrow, get this out of the way so I can focus on my personal project again know you're happy with the outcome. :)

  • Viewing 1,437 - 1,441 of 1,441
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