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Not really big on fanfic writing, but when I'm in the mood I'll jot something down from time to time. I'd much rather frequent sites like YouTube, DeviantArt, and Facebook

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Optional S.O.S Comic Reading · 4:50pm 10 hours ago

Seriously. Who put her there to begin with?



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Why do you want to know/ Is there something wrong?

I'm not a professional, but I've recently discovered the wonders of Audacity. Tell you what; it's late over here right now. Nearing 4 in the morning. But what I'm going to do, is give you my email in a PM. If you can record your voice on something, anything at all, send me a sample of your voice in an email. Let me see if I can tweak your voice a bit in Audacity. If your voice is horrible, as you say it is, I could at the very least help you sound better. You can speak normally if you want to. That might be a good starting point, now I think about it.

And if the voice thing doesn't work out, I'm sure we can find other ways to help each other out. :) It is still a pleasure to have your Follow, Clown-Worth. I hope the things I do on here or on my YouTube channel live up to that honor. :)

I would but trust me when I say my voice is....bad. I'm sorry to tell you. :pinkiesad2:

Doesn't quite explain what I did to deserve the follow, but the notion is noted and tremendously appreciated.
...if you're not too shabby with voices you could always help out with some comic videos I do on my YouTube channel. They're never taken seriously and it makes for a bit of stupid dumb fun. Like this one me and a friend of mine did very recently.

  • Viewing 1,372 - 1,376 of 1,376
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Optional S.O.S Comic Reading · 4:50pm 10 hours ago

Seriously. Who put her there to begin with?

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