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Not really big on fanfic writing, but when I'm in the mood I'll jot something down from time to time. I'd much rather frequent sites like YouTube, DeviantArt, and Facebook

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UNPARALLELED God bless! God loves you, now and forever.

I use Facebook,. Twitter, Discord and Telegram if you would like to follow me via those sources as well man. I just today received a brand new drawing board for which I am getting a stylus pen and a power pack for, and then after a few days spent breaking myself back into animation, I'll be making more content on my Youtube channel, so you can also follow me there as well if you so wish. You've plenty of ways to catch up with me now that I'm expanding my reach in other areas of the internet. I would be glad to see you elsewhere. :) You stay safe and remember that you can message me whenever, be it here or on those other sources I mentioned. Hope to chat to you again. :)

You don't come off as rude, no worries. I used to come here to look over your posts and I think we talked a couple times. This was my first real experience with social media, so even though it wasn't anything mind-blowing, the experience just stuck with me. I remember nothing of anything we might've talked about lol, just that it helped me get more confident about talking to people on the internet. I've been trying to find you since, both to see what you've been up to and wanting to thank you. At the time, it probably seemed small, but I've never quite been able to forget it. So... Thank you. I hope you're doing well and that you have a good day. 😁

Just got a notification in my email that someone from here comment on my old post. Hello there sir or madam. Who might you be? Forgive me for being rude if I come off as such.

You probably have no idea who I am now, and I wouldn't blame you... It's been so long... I've been searching for years trying to remember you, trying to find you... I feel like I've solved one of life's great mysteries...

  • Viewing 1,437 - 1,441 of 1,441
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  • 282 weeks
    You wouldn't believe me if I told you but...

    I've just been listening to 101Fact's video about 101 facts about the Deep Web, and as he started talking about the Red Room and how it is used to torture people...

    ...my own personal torturer, Nevercake, shows up to interrupt the video with one of his bloody accursed League of Legend adverts.

    I am sorely convinced this man needs to die in the most brutal and most painful way possible.

    Hashtag; Never Cake, Never Wake Again

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  • 283 weeks
    Meet the dogs of the Charlesworth Family!

    From left to right...

    1; Ziva (my little brother's dog / Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Originally bred as a nanny dog, has babysat puppies during my time as a breeder, has also babysat kittens, is clumsy and greedy but shows much affection towards people and children)

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  • 283 weeks
    Meet my dog Ozzy

    Because it is important that you all know I have one of the best dogs in the world.

    Also somebody made this comparison of me the other week. What do you all think?

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  • 286 weeks
    I want YOU! (to help me out with something...)

    Ladies and gentlemen...and Boulder...

    Can you all please post images of either werewolves and/or people diving out of or through windows? I have work in the morning and I'd appreciate if someone could track down some images for me. Anime ones would be nice if possible, or any artwork you can find.

    If you're curious about why, I need it for reference for a Bloodborne / MLP animatic I'm doing for an animation I may or may not do depending on my mood.

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