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Meet my dog Ozzy · 2:03am Jun 25th, 2018

Because it is important that you all know I have one of the best dogs in the world.

Also somebody made this comparison of me the other week. What do you all think?

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You do look similar to that guy. Also, THAT DOG IS SO HECKING CUTE!!!

The breed is Jorkie. That's Jack Russell crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier. A very friendly and easy-going kind of dog. My Ozzy is amazing. This is the dog who stayed with a dying bird and kept it warm, babysat a litter of kittens when my mom used to breed cats, and chased off a drunk man who climbed into our garden.

I remember when we first brought him home as a puppy. He was originally meant for my little brother, but I heard the little guy crying in my bro's room, so I came and took him back to mine so I could get some sleep. And then he curled up by my hand and licked my fingers as he nuzzled them. That moment was when I knew he was meant for me.

God bless dogs. And fuck those who hurt them for amusement.

Is that... Prince Harry?

Is his last name Osbourne?

Kawii!!! such a cutie :twilightsmile::heart:

I do see the semblance I guess.

You're cuter than the other guy if that helps

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