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Just your run-of-the-mill changeling, trying to get some love for my stories. I like redeemed villains, and I can't stand depressing stuff, my sanity is far too fragile already.

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A reclusive writer who spends a lot of time playing video games and on this site in order to shirk his coursework. Also a total nerd who could have a collegiate-level debate about science fiction, fantasy, video games, and comics ( If anypony wants to, feel free to start ). Subservient to any of the princesses, but at heart an acolyte of Discord, because a little chaos can be fun, as long as it's not malicious. Aspiring to write a good adventure, but writers' block has recently thwarted him. He shall hopefully vanquish it soon and return to his story. And he shall now stop referring to himself in the third pony.

My Grand Works...and my fanfics, too.

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Can I have your permission to use 'A Paladin's Penance' as a base for a future fic?

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Totally fine. Maybe throw in a bit of slapstick humor: on the ground, he's clumsy enough that it just ends up looking like the world's worst luck.

1892619 Ok, thanks for the clarification and I'm glad you like the idea of his wing blades. I was also thinking that there could be this running joke in the fic where Spinout has a crush on some of the elements, especially Rarity, and tries to hit on them but messes up every time. Mostly due to his arrogance and clumsiness. That ok?

First off, I like you characterization. Nice job.

Second: they're simple enchanted braces on the wings' leading edges. They strengthen his wings so that he can perform otherwise impossible maneuvers and avoid injury to his wings in the event of a crash. If he removes them, nothing special happens, he's just reduced to the capabilities of a normal pegasus.

Lastly: Nice idea. They're not weaponized to start with, but with some messing around by one of the unicorns, they could probably be modded for combat ability. Even unmodified, they toughen his wings enough for him to use them for flyby bludgeoning strikes, which would normally be too risky for a pegasus. Suggestion: he'll be clumsy and unwieldy when fighting on the ground, and that should show if they do a demonstration. Once he's airborne, though, he's a fantastic aerial fighter and a sharp-eyed scout. The large wingspan makes him an adept glider, and his stamina for patrol or long duration flight is exceptional.

1890813 First off, what makes those braces so magical again? What happens to his wings when he takes them off? I was thinking that they could form into cool wing blades when Spinout is fighting. That ok? Also, am I writing him correctly? here's the fic if you want to check it out for yourself.

1889956 I was just wondering if i was writing him correctly so far. And I wanted to ask you something about those magic braces that he has on his wings.

Yes! I remember him. Maybe not the way you wrote him, but I remember creating him as one of three extreme sports pegasi: Spinout, Burnout, and Skidmark.

1882707 I came to ask you something. Do you remember creating an OC named "Spinout" for one of my fics? If you do, I had a few questions about your OC.

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