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This is a group where people who like Rooster Teeth, Red vs Blue, RWBY, Achievement Hunter, FunHaus (previously known as Inside Gaming), ScrewAttack, The Creatures and anything related!

Please post your stories in the proper folders, Red vs Blue stories in Red vs Blue stories folder, RWBY is RWBY, and everything else in the third folder.

Thanks, have fun and play nice!

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Caboose is best character.

That pic just destroyed me, you just had to combined that quote with her image, you just had to! *goes to corner to cry*

Hey chicka bump bump

red vs blue is out

i watch it it funny than ever

Never was I filled with more anticipation and woe
Than during Monty's tribute cameo :fluttercry:

hey, hey, hey big news rooterteeth are making next red vs blue season 13


Rest in peace Monty :applecry:

Some parts of the description need to be updated: They have a new channel called Game Kids for more family friendly content, and Ray's Twitch account is now owned by RT as a whole. And Gavin's Slow Mo Guys channel could also be included, since it's a part of RT.

Woo 1000 members

377742 Suck it Hargroove!

371542 Suck it, black!

...Just to clarify, that was not a racial slur!

Edgar is in there to protect you.

My dear god. Does vic junior knows something about this?

Suck it Blue- I mean Reds!

324162 yup, volume 2 is in the works.

hey, did you ever wonder why we're here?

This place is filled with mean ladies!

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