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Derec mc coy

Your favorite jackass is back from the dead. be aware.

Places I belong

so, you wanna know me?

well, I'm 19 and male and Bisexual, I guess
and, I'm from belgium!
I study stuff, so I can teach stuff, so I can become a teacher in stuff!
(Math and history, to be exact)

and.... euhm...... in the holidays, I work in a candy factory.... so, yeah....

relationship? yes please XD
oh, my BF woudn't like that joke....

ah, so boring.... PICTURES

me at work. (no kidding. I used to look like him)

ah.... macGyver....

just to let you know....

and of course.... when I see new episodes....

everytime I want to do something.... I do it wrong

some crap.... don't mind....




and roseluck

bucket list

okay..... let's do this....

Keep up with red vs blue [x]
Watch all Doctor Who episodes [ ]
play all halo games[X]

get 10 followers [X]
get 25 followers [X]
get 50 followers [X]
get my ultimate goal 100 followers [X]
Get a 117 followers [X]
250 by march 24, 2016? [ ]
500? [ ]
666? [ ]
1000? [ ]
no way... 2000? [ ]
world domenation [ ]
become a legend [ ]
getting a pie as a gift [ ]

get a story with more likes then dislikes (I'm such a failure) [X]

wearing a maiden costume [ ]

shaking hands with Ashleigh Ball [ ]

get someone who cares about me [X]

finally start a weekly blog post [ ]

Some random stranger who says I look like Macgyver [X]
-It's true! it really happened! I look like macgyver! YAY.... I think

install Xbox live [X] (HastyStream04)

sleep [ ]

Living on my own [ ]

finish school [ ]

drink be... no, I'm not an alcoholic.
and I checked that one off, a long time ago.

getting a big ego. [ ] (this is something that people should tell me)

from cuteness to adorableness

true friends...


Snow Drop...

to all of my friends

Can't hold my tears....

me, all the time

you CAN'T ask me to pick one

no, I'm not a girl.... I just like cute things.... they make me happy


Just... open your heart and you will hear the music


Sierra 117 ... IS BACK!! · 3:08pm Oct 21st, 2015

Thank you Agent LostFaith to be my 117th follower.

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A spot to show you, what's going on in my mind



..... nothing....

meh.... let's add some smilies...

some pictures to....well.... because....

My reaction to people who say something stupid about My Little Pony

favourit moment of red vs blue.... (I bet you to quote it)

this is how I feel when I play guitar....

how I actually play guitar....

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2034944 I am? Explain that to me please.

Comment posted by Heartless Jay deleted Nov 15th, 2015

2022836 333 group? forgot I joined that one.... months ago, I guess?

2022832 333 group(and because your avatar pic has a scythe on it:rainbowkiss:im a sucker for strange weapons like that:twilightsmile:)

2022828 may I ask you why I deserved it?

2022821 of course. and thank YOU for the watch too :D

hey thanks for the watch:pinkiehappy:

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