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This group is dedicated to stories in which homophobia is a large theme. If there are stories about ponies being intolerant of coltcuddlers/fillyfoolers, this is the place to put them.

DISCLAIMER: Just to be clear, no admins are homophobic nor do we tolerate it. To put it bluntly, we hate it. This group is just a place to share and discuss stories in which homophobia is the main or an important theme. The rainbow flag is just there to show what the page is about, I can change it if requested. (A suggestion for a better flag would be nice)


No actual homophobia or discrimination of any kind for that matter. This rule should be obvious but its always good to spell it out.

Only add stories in which homophobia is an important theme.

Thats about it for now in terms of rules.

Drax will take over the group when his computer is fixed.

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God forbid that isn't the case because homophobes are like, worse than Hitler.

If you disagree with my views you're automatically racist, misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and everything under the sun.

No free speech allowed here!

Comment posted by peace corps general deleted Aug 5th, 2017

when I first read the name of this group I was like are these people homophobic? I am so happy this is not the case!

409853 Right. Except for the millions of straight men who love giving (And sometimes receiving) anal? C'mon, man. :ajbemused:

YEAH!!!!!!!! something normal for once out of this cringy ass fandom. Who wants a dick in their ass besides most people in the LGBT community

Lets be clear: I am NOT a homophobe.
I am a large LGBTQ+ supporter in my community. :rainbowkiss:

Why not just name is "Homophobic stories" that would make more sense :rainbowhuh:

JOIN! haha.
(to be clear, I'm not a homophobe. UNDERSTAND)

Comment posted by Ocelot8 deleted Mar 18th, 2023
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