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Welcome to The Co-op Camaraderie!

Here we usually work together to make stories come alive.

Have you ever been unable to finish a story and leave it to die in the unpublished story box?

Is there a problem with continuing stories that you've decided to move on because of disinterest?

Great! Here we work together with our comrades to make it complete and bring it to life to all the users of fimfiction.

Rules that accompany this group.

1. Please post one story per thread, it can be overwhelming when users are considering to join you and finish your story.

2. Don't troll, don't push other users and don't cause problems.

3. Please be patient with people and most importantly, act accordingly with respect and dignity please.

4. This is a group that will not tolerate off-topic subjects that don't pertain to this groups intent.

5. Go on and have some fun!

Coming Soon!

Team Writing Competitions!

Friday Frenzy! (Gdocs or Piratepad with open writing for all)

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