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Starting Commissions · 1:27am 17 hours ago

Hey, guys. I know this isn't the best way for me to apologize or make up for my lack of results or my broken promises, much less what I did earlier last month and into this one, but I'm hoping this will allow me to eventually give back with more than just slow, snail's-pace updates.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm uh, opening commissions for once, eh heh...

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thanks but I shared this idea in the hope that someone will develop it. anyway thanks for the advice I hope that someone gives her life

3114275 It's not bad. I look forward to seeing how you further develop your idea, and how you execute it. Best tip I can give at current is channel your excitement during the writing but do not let it control you.

To clarify my idea was a mix between mlp/ ryse son of rome for the armor /and the settings of assassin's cree oddysey and origins.
Just search on artstation

You know I got an idea for a story. One in which a small male alicorn ends up in the ancient world and is raised by lions and learns to use the roar like that of "the lion guard" and then discovers Nero's Rome and when there is a fire he gathers the clouds in flight and makes it rain and unleashing pulmini save the city and all prondonounce him for Jupiter learns the history and culture of Rome and proclaims him emperor, He learns to fight, defeats the Germans and consolidates a stable empire, goes everywhere from Alexandria, Britain, Galia, the Greek islands and even in new poslti as India and China. I know it's an alternative history of the Roman Empire but I think it could work and what do you think ?????????

  • Viewing 806 - 810 of 810
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